It is the best time of year for al fresco dining, and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than at Angelina Paris’ newly renovated terrace in Zero6 Mall Sharjah. The Parisian restaurant has transformed its outdoor seating area and is ready to welcome guests to enjoy their food and the weather.

Out with the old and in with the new, Angelina Paris has done a complete 180° flipping its terrace, now known as the jardin de fleurs. Where brown chairs, wooden tables, and big green plants used to sit, there are now modern, white Provençal chairs, white tables with glass tops, cushioned sofas with pink pillows, and bunches of pink and white roses encompassing the jardin de fleurs. Hanging over the table arrangements, vines drape from golden arches giving the terrace a cosy and dreamy atmosphere that diners can enjoy surrounded by beauty.

Angelina Breakfast

To kick off the winter season, Angelina Paris recently launched its brand-new menu as well, which holds a selection of incredible new dishes for breakfast, best enjoyed out on the flower garden. The café’s Peach and Kashta Tartine is the definition of a rainbow on a plate, made with grilled peach slices, light kashta cream with rose water and orange blossom, crushed pistachios, and fresh raspberries served on toasted sourdough bread with honey. For a creamy and hearty breakfast, the Turkish Eggs are an absolute delight, this dish bathes two carefully poached eggs in dill Greek yogurt, topped with harissa chili oil, pine nuts and sundried tomatoes with toasted sourdough bread. For an indulgent meal, Angelina’s Chocolate and Banana Pancakes are a treat you do not want to miss out on—this stack of fluffy pancakes is layered with caramelised banana slices, dulce de leche and pecan nuts, all drizzled with milk chocolate sauce.

Angelina Paris is a luxurious café bringing UAE residents a direct entry into the world of authentic Parisian flavours and interiors. The café embodies the charm and elegance of 20th century France by combining the right amount of elegance, simplicity, and Parisian tradition in each of its locations. Visit Angelina Paris for a lovely meal on their new flower garden—make a reservation by contacting +971 6 524 9613.

Angelina Zero6 Mall


Venue: Angelina Paris

Location: Zero6 Mall, Sharjah

Time: Monday to Thursday 8:00am – 11:00pm, Friday to Sunday 8:00am – 12:00am

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