Education For Employment and J.P. Morgan Together Will Train a New League of Arab Women in Tech-Future Jobs

As part of an expanded regional partnership with J.P. Morgan, Education For Employment (EFE), the leading youth employment organization in the region, has launched a two-year project to train Saudi, Bahraini women, and Egyptian women for high-quality IT related jobs in their countries’ respective sectors like e-commerce, digital marketing, and cybersecurity, with focus areas on, Workforce Readiness, Career Readiness with technical skills. This project will focus on fast-growing sectors in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt with programming targeting young women in each country to find jobs that require digital skills and knowledge.

“EFE is excited to see the on-going partnership with J.P. Morgan continue and expand further in MENA region. The need to address youth employment challenges has never been greater, and I am particularly pleased by the emphasis on supporting young women in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Together with J.P. Morgan we have seen the profound positive impact that preparing youth for workplace success, and securing a first job can have on a youth and their family. With a focus on quality jobs in digital and IT sectors, we hope to not only impact those gaining employment, but open the doors for other women to follow into these important sectors,” said Andrew Baird, President & CEO, EFE-Global.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Saudi government has promoted policies that would provide rapid support to the market with financial subsidies, resources, and leadership to control the outbreak and reduce the direct impact on sectors. The Egyptian government has launched a wave of reforms that would allow the private sector to expand, aiming to generate more jobs and reduce poverty for workers in the informal and private sectors. The three governments have made youth labor force participation in high-growth sectors like ICT, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Cybersecurity a top priority.

In line with Saudi Vision 2030, Bahrain’s Vision 2030, the Egyptian government’s COVID-19 economic recovery plan, and Egypt Vision 2030, EFE proposes to carry out programming in all three countries to equip 40 Bahraini, 30 Saudi, and 70 Egyptian women with the professional training and connections to employers that are necessary to secure employment opportunities. The proposed project is an initiative that provides demand-driven training linked to jobs as one of the key tools for reducing unemployment and expanding economic opportunities for Saudi, Bahraini, and Egyptian young women, with a focus on employment in the high-growth sectors that need digital skills and IT knowledge.

“We are very pleased to partner with J.P. Morgan to enable Saudi & Bahraini female youth reach their potential by empowering them with the cutting-edge skills to compete in growing sectors, especially in digital-based economy, for future of work”. Said EFE-Global Director of Gulf Programs, Amr Abdallah. “The skills that female youth will acquire are based on proven model that has enabled EFE in Saudi to connect over 5000 to the world of work which 52% of them are young Saudi women. We look forward to the continuous partnership between EFE-Saudi and J.P. Morgan,” said EFE in Saudi CEO Abdullah Al Ghamdi.

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