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Experimenting With Living Creations – Done Interior, Leaders in Kuwait


Done Interior, an established architecture and planning company based in Kuwait City has a clear mission – to become the clients’ first choice. Founded in 2012, Done Interior makes every effort to deliver memorable, client centric experiences. Promising to always deliver high quality designs, and create modern, luxurious experiences that are unforgettable and distinctive, Done Interior are deserving recipients of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for Done Interior Project in Kuwait, 2022.


Done Interior’s vision is to provide the best, innovative designs. Their unique design philosophy states that the company does not limit itself to only one approach to design – each project has its own style. Done Interior is well known for their impeccable taste when morphing new and original pieces, constantly setting furniture trends and raising the bar of the industry standards. Describing themselves as “definers of opulent experiences”, they develop luxurious, captivating “living creations”. Founder, Noor Bin Eidan maintains that “the way Done Interior enhance your spaces can define who you are to the world, either as individuals, businesses, or governments.”

Done Interior is made up of a highly qualified and trained team, who push boundaries daily, and play with the freedom of exploring beauty from untraditional perspectives. They do this while simultaneously providing and manufacturing customized designs for clients on any scale. Their elite clients choose them based on trust – they seek the ultimate design experience, and recognize that Done Interior is capable of delivering the best quality work.

They believe in building relaxed, comfortable relationships with their clients so that they can really understand their ideas and imagination, and use their innovative ideas and methods to shape the client’s desires. “Our clients are our family. We believe that we are better together. We collaborate and we win when we work together”, says founder Noor Bin Eidan.

Having won a myriad of awards for her incomparable designs, and having been featured on the covers of recognizable publications such as Gulf Business, International Property and Travel, and Zafaf, amongst others, Noor Bin Eidan is successfully establishing a new path for Kuwaiti entrepreneurs – inspiring women to follow their passions and achieve their dreams.

Done Interior calls all of their projects “experiments”. They work to combine materials and layers of textures to create something inspiring and novel for each client. Utilizing a wide variety of fabrics such as velvet, silk, marble, metal, leather, and crystal, they strive to artistically create magical pieces. “We work with passion and we enjoy what we do. We work with empathy. We believe that our firm is a unique and loving place to work in.” Says Noor Bin Eidan. Their works all offer much more than just beauty – they make every effort to ensure that the client’s environment makes them happy, safe and productive.

Done Interior is certainly a company to follow, and there are undoubtedly many exciting, new projects being developed every day. The company’s website is

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