HUAWEI Video Exclusively Launches YouSat TV’s Top-Rated Content Hand-Picked for the Region

Dubai, UAE

Viewers will be able to stream 30K+ hours of exceptional regional and international content from 3K+ content creators.


24 January 2022: HUAWEI Video, a flagship video streaming application, has launched YouSat TV on the platform for its consumer base as free-to-view Video On Demand (AVOD) assets. YouSat TV is a revolutionary and first of its kind satellite channel with a strong social media and online presence. The platform empowers aspiring content creators to upload their content directly to mainstream TV and reach millions of viewers across the MENA region, parts of Europe and Asia, and the rest of the world through online streaming.

YouSat TV has gained massive popularity among the content creators from the MENA region and broadcasts 24/7 with a reach of 57 million viewers across 30 countries. Some of the biggest names from the entertainment industry are present on the platform, including Dax (USA), Vic Mensa (USA), The Synaptik (Jordan), Mohy Yasser (Egypt), Lea Makhoul (Lebanon), Kais Hisham (Iraq), Dyler (Saudi Arabia), Dizzy Dros (Morocco) and many more.

The versatility of YouSat TV is one of the many reasons for its success in the region. Its availability now as on-demand clips further extends its reach to over 25 million monthly active users on HUAWEI Video. With over 18 genres, it offers an extensive line-up of exclusive and entertaining content. Be it YouRock, a dedicated segment for aspiring artists, or YouFilm, an empowering space to showcase independent films, tutorials and more: YouSat TV will give an unending cycle of fun and entertainment.

For those interested in watching competitive gaming, then YouPlay brings you MENA’s most popular esports competition, YaLLa Esports. But, the joyride doesn’t end here! The platform is fully equipped to make you burst with laughter with YouLaugh, featuring stand up shows of regional ace comedians.

With its comprehensive content offerings, YouSat TV offers something for everyone. From cooking to lifestyle and health to general knowledge: covering every form of entertainment and media.

Being one of the region’s most-watched regional online streaming platforms, HUAWEI Video streams thousands of Arabic and International movies and series featuring over 100 TV channels and many more to come. HUAWEI Video has strengthened its position as the region’s top content provider with the availability of many OTT platforms under one roof, including STARZPLAY, Weyyak, FilmBox and now the latest addition, YouSat TV.

In addition, the HUAWEI Video audience now have the opportunity to upload their own video content on YouSat TV and become a part of the community of creators.

To learn more about YouSat TV’s top-rated entertainment segments, kindly visit

About HUAWEI Video

HUAWEI Video is the Video-on-Demand (VOD) service native to Huawei and Honor devices. Launched in March 2020, the application has gained quite popularity in the Asia Pacific region and is now available to users in more than 60 countries.

It is the latest addition to the growing ecosystem of Huawei Mobile services (HMS). With a library of more than 10,000 hours of Arabic content, millions of videos, and over 1000+ hours of international content, HUAWEI Video features content for every age segment: from child-friendly content to films, documentaries, dramas and even concerts. Personalized as per the viewer’s interest, HUAWEI Video lets you watch top-quality content anytime and anywhere in the world.

The app is also available on Huawei Smart Screens in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, and more. For further information on HUAWEI Video, kindly visit [insert link]

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