Iconic Art Deco Stands The Test of Time

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Art Deco Design is a leading Saudi Arabian interior design and architecture business, renowned for their superior work in all areas of interior and architectural design. Their focus on producing high-quality, beautiful results has been recognized by a number of awards and nominations. Of most significance, is their recent achievement bestowed by internationally distinguished Lifestyle Luxury Awards, for the Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Saudi Arabia, 2021.

All their projects are led by a team of expert designers who have extensive experience in their craft. They have the track record and commitment to provide all-around service excellence. Their work is supported by an internal design team that understands client briefs and can deliver on time, which is always a point of concern to customers. As per their namesake, their design niche is on creating within an Art Deco style frame, and this is what sets them apart.

Art Deco is known as a visually striking style of architecture. Along with the other modern movements that were influencing architects and designers at this time, it borrowed from Neoclassicism, Modernism, and Impressionism. Art Deco combines classical design, often with a functional aesthetic, with modern technology and industrial design influences. Post-World War II art deco refers to 1950s-style buildings with streamlined geometric forms.

Some interesting history and facts about Art Deco:

Art Deco is a modern art movement that uses bold shapes, bright colors, geometric forms, and stylized representations of everyday.

Art Deco Design

ay objects. It was the result of a collaborative creative effort by many designers and artists from around the world.

Other than architecture, Art Deco design is also applied in furniture, jewelry, clothing, and automobiles. Its distinctive geometric patterns are a defining feature of its style.

The distinctive Art Deco style went out of fashion, but were revived in the late ’60s and have become an evergreen influence.

Art Deco designs can be seen in posters and ads from this era. Fonts that were popular at the time often had an interesting design or a unique choice of typeface to make the text stand out. The typical Art Deco font style creates a balanced thickness and thinness between parts of letters.

Classic art deco style was created with geometric, rectangular forms and ornate, curved elements.

Art Deco architecture uses light-filled spaces in an elegant fashion. The windows are either square or round, and the walls feature punctured openings.

Art Deco Design have worked and produced for opulent luxury residences, commercial outlets, large-scale development projects and impressive front building facades. One needs to merely see their work to appreciate the intricacy and attention to detail at play, creating a visually stimulating and eye-catching display of some of the best luxury designs on the market.

Saudi Arabia shines brightly in the field of progressive developments and world-firsts. And Art Deco Design is a proud contributor to this growing industry, setting the Saudi architectural scene on the global map. It’s no wonder then that being acclaimed Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Saudi has been awarded.

Nabeeh Afarah, is the Executive Director of Art Deco Designs responded to the announcement of their award saying ‘we strive daily to place our best and cutting-edge skillset to task. Receiving this award is of immense importance to the team and I, as a realisation of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. I extend my gratitude to the Luxury Lifestyle Awards’.

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