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In the presence of notable neurologists, experts and consultants from diverse countries and regions, and under the auspices of AbbVie Saudi Arabia, among others, Hilton Hotel in Jeddah witnessed the launch of 18th Pan-Arab, 26th Saudi Neurology Society, and 13th Gulf Neurology Conference. This is the first time that these three met under one roof to discuss the latest advances and treatment plans for the most prevalent neurological diseases in the world, in addition to highlighting the most important challenges facing neurological diseases and the best solutions to overcome them.

The conference is an opportunity for neurologists worldwide to present their latest researches in the field, while discussing ways to raise the level of cooperation in providing better solutions to problems associated with neurological diseases.

Several important topics were highlighted during the conference, including but not limited to, “Update on the pathophysiology of migraine”, “Interventional treatment in management of Headache”, “Stroke System of Care & the Saudi Model”, “Abnormal movements in the ICU/ NeuroICU.
What to look for and how to manage”, “Digital healthcare in Saudi Arabia: Current status and future direction”, “Counselling in neurogenetics (What families must know)”, “Updates on MS Disease modifying therapies”, “Stiffness and nervous system excitability syndromes”, “Autonomic Nervous System Testing and Assessment”, “Optic neuritis: the good, the bad and the ugly”, and “Five neuroimaging studies you need to know”.

In his opening speech, Dr. Yousif Al Said, Saudi Neurology Society President, Congress President, expressed his pride in holding such a revolutionary event, expressing his aspirations for the event to form a solid ground for talking over neurology issues, in light of such an unprecedented participation of elite speakers, rich lectures, scientific seminars and workshops.

Dr. Khalid Al Qadi, Congress Co-Chairman, explained that Saudi Arabia is going the extra miles to provide new treatments in neurology according to the latest scientific researches, referring to the Kingdom’s efforts to help improve the quality of life, utilize the best technologies, invest in qualified medical competencies, and provide an appropriate healthy environment.

On the sidelines of the conference, Saudi Abbvie announced the launch of its latest treatment specially designed for Acute treatment of Migraine, having approved by the SFDA. The drug is a new option for a lot of patients cannot use with the currently available migraine medications, in a move that falls under AbbVie’s keenness to conduct scientific research and studies in order to produce advanced drugs. Saudi Arabia is among the first countries to introduce this medicine outside USA.

In Saudi Arabia, migraine is the second leading cause of years lived with a disability as per the Global Burden of Disease study published in Lancet 2017. The prevalence rates of migraine in Saudi Arabia are higher than other global rates, probably reflecting the role of high income and urbanization in facilitating access to medicines


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