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The rash caused by the diaper is still  an annoying skin problem for mothers According to  data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of skin irritation (diaper rash)  in infants is very high, with 25% of babies worldwide experiencing skin irritation (diaper rash) due to diaper use. For mothers who are afraid of diaper rash, the diaper rash  can be used  .  Anti-agglomeration  diapers as a preventive measure and this is what distinguishes MAKUKU diapers

Althoughmothers are familiar with this skin problem, manyof them do not know the common causes of diaper rashes.  Which usually occurs when the  baby’s skin comes into contact with a diaper containing urine and feces for a long period of time. For this the doctors advise  the mothers to change  the diaper  t regularly at least every 3-4 hours, even if the diapers are not full. The blue indicator in the diaper can meet the needs of changing diapers.    It appears as areminder to make it easier for moms to change diapers without having to peek at diapers.

Diaper rash can also occur when your baby’s skin rubs against the diaper.  This happens if your baby uses a diaper of the wrong size, and  a non-soft diaper surface that doesn’t properly trap fluid can lead to redness, leading to skin irritation and rashes. So the mothers should make sure that the diapers used by the baby are of the right size.  If your baby’s weight changes, it’s a sign that your baby should resize the diaper. Because the wrong size of diapers is also one of the causes of rashes.

In fact, the occurrence of diaper rash is not only due to the wrong use of diapers. Diaper rash can also occur as a result of allergic reactions to new foods when your baby begins to recognize  solid foods. Suffice it to say, babies are at increased risk of developing diaper rash when eating solid foods, the composition of the baby’s stool changes, and the acidic content of certain foods can cause diarrhea, increasing the frequency of urination in a child. In addition,   Exposure to chemicals contained in detergents, lotions or powders, and taking antibiotics for bacterial or fungal infections can lead to diaper rash.

MAKUKU understands  the importance of preventive measures to keep your baby away from diaper rash.   To answer these questions, MAKUKU’s current motto  is “Afraidof diaper rash? , wear MAKUKU.”

MAKUKU is constantly working on innovating and designing high-quality products according to your child’s needs. Even in the near future it has launched its main product in the Kingdom and theEmirates with quality assurance.  Understanding pioneers of diapers that use SAP infrastructure or ultra-absorbent polymers, this type of diaper uses precision technology in the basic construction of SAP.

The basic SAP structure in MAKUKU diapers  traps fluid to the maximum and absorbs evenly and quickly. The benefits that mothers  can feel are that diapers are less prone to leakage,  their surface dries longer, and most importantly they can effectively reduce diaper rash. Not only that,  but also from the The advantages of the luxurious diaper surface are as soft as silk, and the four basic layers are able to lock the liquid well and shorten the time of contact of urine with the baby’s skin.

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