Unique Digital Marketplace – ExploreTECH set to launch in Middle East & Africa

A one-of-a-kind platform that will revolutionize business practices of commercial tech providers for the hospitality and travel industry

UAE-based ExploreTECH is set to launch on the 2nd of February 2022 with the aim of connecting hospitality and travel professionals and tech providers from the Middle East and Africa. The platform allows technology providers to showcase their products and services to hospitality professionals who are looking for a go-to source to find and compare tech solutions.

A feature of this marketplace also enables professionals to gain subject matter expert advice on navigating challenges and creating long-term strategies to facilitate improvements in business processes and profitability.

The first-of-its-kind marketplace offers three different subscription modules for commercial technology providers, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets. Launching in Arabic and English, the marketplace will bring value to an industry looking for a greater return on investment on current digital offerings.

Ralph Melis, Co-founder of ExploreTECH said: “Our goal is to drive a new era of digital transformation across the industry by positioning our platform as the go-to marketplace of the future. By creating such a unified platform, we are enabling a new kind of digital strategy development for users and providers alike.”

ExploreTECH taps into a major gap in a sector which is increasingly dependent on effective digital strategies. The user-friendly format allows businesses to gain the maximum benefit from the platform with the easiest assimilation possible.

“The feedback we hear is that there is a massive need for a single entity that can act as a medium for accessible and credible tech solutions that can form part of a continuous and consistent strategy for businesses to extend their reach and connect more effectively with their target audiences.” says Antoine Medawar, another co-founder of ExploreTECH.

ExploreTECH is creating a new type of marketplace that brings together multiple players, small and large, in one new market place ready to transform and lift the industry.

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