Unveiling the Enchanting Green Rabbit

Dubai, UAE

A Sensational Tribute to Negramaro’s Two Decades of Artistry, Crafted by Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Giuliano Sangiorgi, and Fabio Novembre in an Extraordinary Display on Via Durini

August 2023 – Negramaro’s twentieth anniversary is a remarkable occasion for the cherished and timeless band in Italy’s contemporary music scene. It serves as a platform to unveil a special and unique project that stems from the deep bond of friendship and shared passion for creativity between Giuliano Sangiorgi, the founder of the Salento band, Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the creative director of Natuzzi Italia, and the architect Fabio Novembre.

The brainchild of this collaboration is the Green Rabbit, an extraordinary celebratory armchair crafted in a limited edition of just 100 pieces, which was publicly revealed during Milan Design Week in 2023. The Green Rabbit embodies the fantastical world inspired by the band’s famous song “Mentre tutto scorre,” where the enigmatic “green rabbit” finds form and substance in a mesmerizing and multisensory installation on Via Durini in Milan, just outside the flagship store of Natuzzi. This immersive experience allows visitors to delve into a microcosm of visual and auditory wonders, providing a place of solace and reconnection with oneself, reminiscent of the unhurried Mediterranean lifestyle that characterizes Puglia, a region that shares common roots with Sangiorgi, Novembre, and Natuzzi.

To Giuliano Sangiorgi, the “green rabbit” remains an enigmatic secret, shrouded in mystery, sparking curiosity among their devoted followers. The armchair, Green Rabbit, embodies their music, ideas, and vision for a better future, preserving this secret in its essence.

According to Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, the Green Rabbit symbolizes the audacity to dream and express emotions and passions freely. It unites the trio in their friendship, encouraging them to follow the “green rabbit” of imagination and creativity, defying adversities and negativity. They hope this project, like their friendship, will inspire many to dream big.

The armchair is a fusion of comfort and sound, featuring sinuous and embracing forms, upholstered in wool bouclé, and equipped with an integrated audio system. Its swivel base, adorned with a shiny golden sphere, reflects Fabio Novembre’s distinctive pop-inspired style. Yet, what truly makes the Green Rabbit an iconic piece is the presence of long ears that rise gracefully from the sides of the backrest, giving the armchair its unique and defining design.

Fabio Novembre compares Negramaro’s artistic journey to Alice in Wonderland’s pursuit of the elusive white rabbit, as they explore new musical territories and paint their creations with notes and words that resonate in the hearts of their audience. The Green Rabbit armchair symbolizes the guiding spirit of the band’s successful two-decade journey and provides a comforting sanctuary to witness life’s enchanting moments.

Moreover, the Green Rabbit project aims to captivate a global audience, especially in China, where the year of the rabbit is celebrated. This move strengthens the brand’s ties with China, fostering cultural exchange. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is a symbol of wisdom, resilience, and intellect, qualities embodied in the meticulously designed armchair, showcasing Natuzzi’s expertise alongside a multi-sensory comfort experience.

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