Cartoon Network Unveils Inspiring Song with Saudi Reporters In Their Efforts to Fight Bullying

"Be a Friend"

Dubai, UAE, 24 January, 2024:

Cartoon Network MENA is strengthening its ongoing commitment to combat bullying by extending its collaboration with UNICEF MENA The network is thrilled to announce the release of the inspiring song “Be a Friend,” featuring Saudi Reporters. This captivating song is meticulously crafted to inspire children across the region to wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of friendship while taking a stand against bullying.

The song “Be a Friend” resonates with its message of unity and kindness, echoing the essence of Cartoon Network’s “The Buddy Network” campaign. This uplifting song describes the importance of fostering friendships and discouraging bullying among children, instilling valuable lessons through the power of music.

“Be a Friend” is now available on Cartoon Network’s official YouTube channel, TV Channels, and website, ensuring its meaningful message reaches children far and wide.

This marks the 5th year that the Buddy Network has been running successfully in the MENA region, fostering a culture of empathy and inclusivity among its young audience. Over the years, the campaign has achieved significant milestones, including engaging over 13,000 students in the UAE and KSA through school workshops conducted by child psychologists. These impactful workshops will continue this year, reinforcing the campaign’s dedication to nurturing positive relationships.

In addition to the release of the song, Cartoon Network has also produced awareness videos and conducted three thought-provoking social experiments that shed light on the bystander effect. All of this engaging content is an integral part of the CN Buddy Network campaign, initially launched in 2019 and continuously evolving to address the pressing issue of bullying in the region.

Aya Hammad, Head of Marketing, PR & Digital for Warner Bros Discovery’s Kids channels in MENA, expressed her gratitude: “We extend our heartfelt thanks to Saudi Reporters for their valuable contribution in addressing a pressing global concern – bullying. Through their music, they are spreading positivity and essential values. Bullying remains a significant issue worldwide, and the CN Buddy Network campaign in the Middle East is dedicated to promoting friendship and kindness as the antidote. We are dedicated to tackling this issue head-on, and we are privileged to have the steadfast support of UNICEF MENA in our mission.

Cartoon Network MENA invites everyone to join hands with UNICEF MENA in championing the cause of friendship and kindness. Together, let’s stand united as buddies, not bullies, and make a positive impact on the lives of children across the region.

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