Experience Ramadan Entertainment with stc tv’s Captivating Lineup

March, XX, 2024, Riyadh, stc tv unveils its content lineup for the holy month of Ramadan, promising viewers an unforgettable blend of culture, tradition, and entertainment.

Exclusive on stc tv:

‘Baten we Daher 2’: Dive into this Gulf comedy drama of quadruplets and their mother, who find themselves involved in a series of funny situations as they struggle to rise above their humble origins to achieve their dreams despite many life obstacles.

A diverse selection of Ramadan series for everyone!

‘Shabab Al Bomb 12’: Join Amer and his friends Turki, Shaksh, and Kafta on their adventures and escapades in this popular social comedy drama.

Embark on a journey through history with this drama series Al Khen’, set along the historical maritime trade route between Kuwait and Zanzibar in the 1940s. Starring Mohammed Al Mansour, Hussain Al Mansour, and Asmahan Tawfiq.

With a delightful blend of humor and heartfelt moments, ‘Atbaat Al Bahja’ is the perfect series for the whole family. The series tells the story of Bahjat, an elderly retired university professor who raises his grandchildren and finds creative ways to support them after their parents’ death.

Enjoy ‘Mohareb’, the gripping drama series centered around Aziz, a young man from Upper Egypt, living in old Cairo. Following the tragic loss of his father, Aziz finds himself forced into a challenging reality. His life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers a big secret.

‘Bi 100 Ragel’ chronicles the journey of Ghalia, a resilient country girl navigating life in a bustling neighborhood, who encounters obstacles and crises in her life after the loss of her groom and father.

Inspired by real events in the Nubia and Qamula regions of Egypt, ‘Kala’a Al Hajar’ sheds light on the devastating clash between love and oppressive traditions.

‘Sodfa’ unveils the gripping tale of a young woman keeping a dangerous secret, while a determined young man named Maharan, embarks on a relentless quest for truth.

Viewers can stay tuned to their favorite live programs using the new ‘Remind Me’ feature, enabling them to set reminders for upcoming content. Additionally, the ‘Rewind’ feature allows viewers to catch up on any missed content from live channels, including MBC, Rotana, and more, for up to 14 days.

As viewers embark on this journey of discovery, laughter, and emotion, stc tv remains steadfast in its commitment to providing unparalleled digital entertainment programs to the MENA region, especially during Ramadan, enriching lives and inspiring audiences.

About stc tv:

stc tv is an industry-leading streaming service that aggregates and curates top regional and global content available for MENA audiences. With a flurry of OTT platforms available in the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to navigate, discover, and engage with the content they like.

stc tv solves that pain point through its world-class streaming platform, customer-centric digital experience, and rich content that is handpicked from top partners, including Shahid, STARZPLAY, discovery+, Wide Khaliji, Cartoon Network, Boomerang & more; bringing about a unique library with the best movies, TV shows, documentaries, and kids’ programs.

Users are also able to watch exclusives and original productions that cannot be found anywhere else, in addition to the best free-to-air & encrypted live TV channels from regional & international networks and broadcasters.

All of this and much more in one place!

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