MSI unveils 12th Gen Intel Core gaming desktops


What is G.A.M.E. Unlimited?

For those who do not familiar with PC DIY users, MSI also offers pre-built systems. The only thing that customers should worry about is what games you should play and MSI will take over the rest parts. MSI desktop line-up fully implements the concept of G.A.M.E. unlimited into the products, including performance, aesthetics, connectivity, and experience. A prebuild PC user only just enjoys the plug-and-play experience, the rest of the software and hardware integrated MSI will help you to complete the processing, while you get the product.


The latest 12th gen Intel® Gaming Series Desktop

The new MSI gaming desktops are equipped with Intel’s latest 12th Gen Alder Lake processors. The advanced Intel 7 process technology with hybrid architecture combining P-Core(Performance) and E-Core(Efficiency) increases multi-thread performance by up to 47%. The gaming performance also has more than 13% increase compared to the previous generation. The full lineup of K Series gaming desktops adopted DDR5 memory with read speed up to 60% higher than the previous generation equipped with DDR4. This can provide players with faster data reading. In addition, the MSI 12th Gen gaming desktops are all equipped with Windows 11. The Direct Storage technology can help players quickly read the games while the Auto HDR function can even improve SDR game scenes to HDR quality. This time MSI launched the all new 12th Gen Series Intel unlocked processors models including MEG Aegis Ti5, MEG Trident X and MAG Codex X5. All of these models embody the G.A.M.E. Unlimited sprit to bring gamers to the new era of gaming.

MEG Aegis Ti5 12th – Path to the Future

Our flagship model MEG Aegis Ti5 12th is equipped with an Intel Core i9-12900K processor and NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics card. Its ultimate performance is matched with MSI’s exclusive Silent Storm Cooling 4 cooling technology, which can fully match the performance of the i9K processor and RTX 3090 graphics card. The world’s first HMI Gaming Dial not only allows players to quickly switch system performance settings but also allows players to customize their favorite animation on the LCD.

MPG Trident A 12th – The centerpiece of gaming

For the compact sizes Trident series, MSI breaks through the difficulties in cooling performance and continues to equip MPG Trident A 12th with improved CPU performance. The system’s heat dissipation capacity is better-improved thanks to the exclusive “Silent Storm” 3 heat dissipation technology and the enlarged heatsink. The heat dissipation surface is increased compared to the previous generation, allowing players to experience the smoothest gaming experience.

MAG Codex X5 12th – Rule your gaming empire with minimalist style

The Codex Series is popular in the mainstream market. The MAG Codex X5 12th has an aggressive appearance, large glass side panel, and RGB lighting effects that players can freely adjust with software. The MAG Codex X5 12th is equipped with up to Intel Core i9-12900K processor and NVIDIA RTX 3080 / 3070 graphics card. 3A games can easily be run and with the 2.5G Ethernet and WiFi 6E network, players can experience the games without delay.

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