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HealthTech Innovation Conference and Expo is Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Landscape in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, 4/6/2023: the HealthTech Innovation Conference and Expo, a premier event dedicated to driving innovation and advancements in the healthcare technology sector, is planned to take place on 5th and 6th of June at the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Riyadh

The HealthTech Innovation Conference and Expo is set to be the largest gathering of healthcare and technology professionals in the region, featuring 29 captivating sessions and more than 40 renowned international and local speakers. This event will serve as a platform for industry leaders to share their insights, discuss emerging trends, and explore opportunities for collaboration in the dynamic field of HealthTech

With 40 innovative sponsors and exhibitors, the accompanying expo will showcase cutting-edge products, services, and solutions that are shaping the future of healthcare. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with industry pioneers, witness live demonstrations, and discover the latest advancements in medical technology

Adding to the excitement, the HealthTech Startup Competition will feature 16 promising startups, competing for prestigious cash prizes. This competition aims to foster innovation and support entrepreneurial talent in the healthcare technology sector, providing startups with invaluable exposure and networking opportunities

The conference is expecting a remarkable turnout of 4,000 enthusiastic attendees, including healthcare professionals, technology experts, investors, policymakers, and industry enthusiasts. With a diverse range of workshops available, totaling 16 in number. The event will offer specialized training and knowledge-sharing opportunities to 120 trainees, further advancing skills and expertise in the HealthTech industry

Commenting on this occasion, Dr. Faris Bukhamsin, the Conference Supervisor, said: “The HealthTech Innovation Conference and Expo aligns seamlessly with the goals of Vision 2030, specifically the Healthcare Sector Transformation Program. By leveraging technology, the conference aims to improve the quality of healthcare services, enhance accessibility, foster the creation of innovative healthcare companies, and attract new private investment in the healthcare sector”

Don’t miss this transformative event that will shape the future of healthcare in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Mark your calendars for the HealthTech Innovation Conference and Expo on 5th of June. For more information and registration details, please visit

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