Renowned Designer Massimo Iosa Ghini Unveils the Wellness Design – Sinuosa Collection at Natuzzi Italia

Dubai, UAE

November 2022 – In a groundbreaking collaboration, Natuzzi Italia proudly introduces the Wellness Design – Sinuosa Collection, a visionary creation by esteemed designer Massimo Iosa Ghini. This exclusive collection revealed during Ghini’s recent visit to Natuzzi Italia Showroom in Dubai, sets a new standard in contemporary furniture design, seamlessly merging artistic ingenuity with unparalleled comfort.

“The core philosophy of the Sinuosa Collection is to harmonize furniture design with the comfort of its users, embracing deliberate softness and avoiding aggression,” explains Massimo Iosa Ghini. ‘Sinuosa,’ translated from Italian as a natural curve, embodies the essence of this collection and its commitment to providing a gentle, inviting touch.”

Inspired by Nature: The Juno Sofa

The Juno sofa, a focal point of the collection, draws inspiration from the Mediterranean aesthetic, creating a tangible connection between users and the natural world. “The design process revolves around creating a visual and tactile experience, bringing to life the imagery of sandy beaches, shorelines, and vibrant landscapes,” Ghini adds.

Extraordinary Designs for an Extraordinary Company: Natuzzi Italia

Coming from an ordinary background, Ghini acknowledges Natuzzi as an extraordinary company, expressing his aim to craft something truly special. “Designing for Natuzzi is about creating products that stand out and embody the unique essence of this exceptional company,” states Ghini. The Gutta table and the Beat chair exemplify this dedication, seamlessly blending softness with an inviting character.

Visual Comfort Celebrated in the Sinuosa Collection

In his first collaboration with Natuzzi Italia, Ghini presents the Sinuosa collection, celebrating visual comfort as a distinguishing trait of the brand’s image. “The collection’s soft, enveloping design reflects a deliberate link with the natural world’s organic forms, prioritizing well-being in the domestic space,” Ghini emphasizes.

A Celebration of Nature’s Beauty: Apulian Landscape Inspiration

Rooted in the rejuvenating sensations of the Apulian landscape, the collection reflects the beauty of the region’s sunny Mediterranean coasts and the fluidity of water. “The influences of nature shape the collection’s lines, creating features molded by a vital impulse,” says Ghini.

Reviving Naturalness and Comfort: The Essence of Sinuosa

“I wanted to rediscover, in upholstered furniture, the idea of the primitive sofa,” Ghini explains. The Juno sofa symbolizes Mediterranean comfort, evoking a cozy nest that welcomes and embraces.

Timeless Elegance with the Gutta Table

The Gutta table boasts timeless elegance, redefining the vision of the designer with flowing lines and organic profiles. “This exceptional piece emphasizes sinuous shapes and contours, breaking the mold and pushing the boundaries of aesthetics applied to design,” Ghini adds.

Inclusive Beauty Inspired by Nature

The Sinuosa collection looks to nature as a model of inclusive beauty, rejecting aggression and angular designs. “It embraces a renewed idea of balance and harmony, transcending the conventional boundaries of furniture design,” Ghini concludes.

You can avail the best furnishings for your home by visiting the state-of-art Natuzzi Italia showrooms at these locations:

  • Natuzzi, Sheikh Zayed Road between 2nd and 3rd interchange, Dubai
  • Natuzzi, near Al Maktoum Bridge, Umm Hurair Road, Dubai
  • Natuzzi, The Galleria, Abu Dhabi

For more information and details, please visit any Natuzzi showroom located near you in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, visit the website, or call +97143377152, +97143380777 or +97126444048.

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