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Revier Dubai appoints Mickael Chevalier as General Manager

Dubai, UAE

Mickael Chevalier joins the team with an impressive hospitality record of more than 27 years, blending the Swiss Flair across diverse cultures

Revier Dubai, a 4-star lifestyle hotel modelled as a meeting point for today’s gen-X while offering Swiss Hospitality in Business Bay, has recently appointed Mickael Chevalier as General Manager. Chevalier joins the team with an impressive hospitality record of more than twenty-seven years of progressive experience in luxury hotels in various countries.

A French national, Chevalier played a leading role in shaping transformation, driving innovative guest experiences, and strengthening the brand positioning of the hotels he handled. His expertise lies in blending the essence of the Swiss Flair with the local destination to appeal to an international audience.

“I am delighted to join the team at the iconic Revier Dubai. The hotel is renowned for creating inspired guest experiences, and I look forward to working with the team to further refine these in a highly competitive landscape,” said Mickael Chevalier, General Manager at Revier Dubai.

He continued: “Dubai is a world-class city, and Revier Dubai with its modern and edgy accommodation, young and fresh ambiance, and unique culinary concepts, is the perfect place to provide outstanding and innovative guest experiences to all UAE visitors and residents.”

Prior to joining Revier Dubai, Chevalier worked in world-known international hotel brands. He spent his initial eight years of his career in Switzerland followed by another five years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then finally choose to be in an ever-growing destination i.e. the United Arab Emirates for the last 16 years.

On a more personal note, Chevalier says: “Our guests are our valuable assets. We apply our core values with efficiency, authenticity, and simplicity in our work to achieve the highest level of guest satisfaction. I believe that guests come first. These values are the reason for any continuity and success of a hotel, wherever the place is, at all times, and across various cultures and economies.”

For more information, please call at +971 (0)4 574 7555 or email

About REVIER Dubai:

Aside from effortlessly blurring the lines between working and playing, the hotel’s entire personality and approach are built on 3 essential aspects that continuously drive its success. Revier’s authenticity revolves around its unique Swiss heritage, which is very much at the forefront of the design and the strategy. What makes REVIER different is a traditional Swiss cow in the lobby, the contactless check-in and keyless room entry, and the “Leisure Floor” with everything the guests need for a great time. Honest and pure, just like the Swiss do it. As a future-ready brand, Revier pushes the boundaries of the unconventional, while ticking all the boxes when it comes to high-quality service and efficiency. Nothing is over-the-top, simply what is necessary with a flexible layout allowing guests to switch from one state of mind to the other. A Swiss expertise and intuition, pushing for originality and simplicity in a space where working, playing and relaxing coexist – a city retreat like no other and a meeting point for the tireless travellers who can enjoy Swiss signature dishes, an outdoor swimming pool and all the tech-savvy amenities Revier has to offer.

About REVIER Hospitality Group AG:

The REVIER Hospitality Group has built two very distinct brands: REVIER Hotels and the PRIVÀ Lodge & Living Concept. As a subsidiary of the Swiss real estate developer Fortimo Group Ltd, it is fully owned and managed by the families of Philipp and Remo Bienz. Following a Swiss vision and expertise, REVIER has demarcated itself by creating a unique idea that revolves around providing their valued guests with outstanding service based on the essentials – nothing too complicated, just authentically simple and of high-quality. The group is on its way to expand to new horizons after launching their first property in Lenzerheide in 2017 – a ski station in winter and a bike destination in summer. In 2020, the second property in Adelboden was launched – another renown resort located in a beautiful mountain zone in Switzerland, all based on the same concepts: simple rooms, stunning views and a varied, delicious menu. The time will come to eventually launch the first “city” hotel in Schaffhausen, a very traditional and historic town in the north of Switzerland that will offer a unique spectacle and views of the famous “Rheinfall”. The first property based abroad – besides Dubai – will be in the ski region of Montafon in Austria. Overall, REVIER can be condensed in a few essential aspects – a young and dynamic symbiosis that merges classic accommodation and optimised working processes with a real and honest design. Everything is practical, simple, comfortable and sustainable.

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