Superior technology and unique driving experience with the new SUV from AXL Electric Vehicles

Dubai, UAE

SHARX-5 combines luxury and affordability with climate sustainability at its core

July 20, 2023 – The new electric mid-size SUV SHARX-5 being developed by AXL Electric Vehicles (AXL) is set to provide exceptional driving experience combining luxury, affordability and best-in-class technology.

The leading Canadian automotive company has recently announced in Dubai the world premiere of SHARX-5 which comes as part of its efforts to revolutionize the EV industry and make the switch to an EV as easy and seamless as possible.

The CEO of AXL, Ali Eslami explained that AXL has been established to satisfy the increasing demand for electric vehicles which are better for the environment, cheaper to operate, maintain and deliver superior performance.

“The company’s goal is to establish a leading global EV brand by providing a superior EV with outstanding features to make the driving experience the smoothest, most-luxurious ride ever. But unlike other luxury EV brands, we set out to make ours as affordable for as many people as possible”, he added.

The new SHARX-5 is a five-passenger midsize SUV with a driving range of up to 500 km. SHARX-5 comes standard with premium features: heated and cooled front seats, 4G internet, full-cabin-width three-screen display, edge-to-edge glass roof, ambient interior lighting, crystal E-shifter, logo projector on side mirrors, integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, fast and universal charging abilities and over-the-air updates.

SHARX-5’s other key specifications include acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 7.4 seconds, length x width x height of 4,770mm x 1,890mm x 1,680mm; wheelbase of 2,810 mm; curb weight of 4,188 pounds.

The luxury all-electric SUV is now available for online reservation in the regions listed on AXL’s website, The current estimated delivery date for GCC countries is Spring 2024.

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