ZIBA Restaurant Crowned Best Luxury New Restaurant in Al Khobar by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

ZIBA Restaurant, a recently opened haven for modern Persian cuisine, has been named Best Luxury New Restaurant in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia for 2024 by the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The award recognizes ZIBA’s dedication to creating a truly unforgettable dining experience. From the stylish ambiance to the innovative and flavorful dishes, ZIBA offers a taste of Persia unlike any other in Saudi Arabia.

“We are incredibly honored to receive this recognition from the Luxury Lifestyle Awards,” said Sir Ahmed Alajmi, CEO of Takara Hospitality Group. “Our passion is to introduce guests to the vibrant flavors and traditions of Persian cuisine while providing exceptional service and a luxurious atmosphere. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team.”

ZIBA’s menu boasts a variety of dishes to please every palate, featuring both classic favorites and signature creations. All dishes are prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients and employ innovative cooking techniques. Guests can also enjoy a selection of handcrafted non-alcoholic beverages made with local ingredients.

ZIBA goes beyond just providing a meal. They strive to create lasting memories through exceptional service, delicious food, and a beautiful ambiance. From valet parking and private dining options to a dedicated VIP table, ZIBA offers guests a truly luxurious experience at a reasonable price.

ZIBA Restaurant is proud to be part of Takara Hospitality Group (THG), a visionary company founded to redefine the Saudi Arabian hospitality landscape. THG’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its recent achievement of Best Luxury New Restaurant in Al Khobar for ZIBA, further solidifying its commitment to providing exceptional culinary experiences in the Kingdom.

ZIBA Restaurant, a newly opened establishment, is proud to introduce high-end Persian cuisine to the Saudi market. Their focus is on creating a memorable dining experience through a combination of innovative dishes, attentive service, and a chic atmosphere.

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