From breakfast to dinner, GIA has you covered with delectable new dishes on their all-day menu

GIA, the upscale Italian restaurant located in the Fashion Avenue of The Dubai Mall, welcomes diners to experience the flavours of its brand-new menu. Available from January onwards, GIA’s recently enhanced menu can be enjoyed from morning until late evenings.

Linguine allo Scoglio

The Italian restaurant’s new menu spoils guests for choice with several options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each plate is brought to life with fresh ingredients adding flavour to every bite, and no dish is complete without an ode to Italian culinary traditions. Choosing your favourite dishes from the menu won’t be easy when options such as a Focaccia alla Carbonara or Pizza Tartufo are available, the perfect blend of crunchy airy Italian bread with carbonara sauce, bacon bits, and olives, and a delicious fluffy pizza with bufala mozzarella, truffle mushroom sauce, sliced porcini mushrooms, and truffle shavings. GIA recommends a refreshing and creamy salad such as the Avo e Stracciatella for a light but filling meal, a dish consisting of a bed of diced avocado and heirloom cherry tomatoes and a large dollop of stracciatella cheese on top, finished off with a drizzle of homemade pesto glaze. After perfecting its bolognese sauce with wagyu beef ragu slow-cooked for 6 hours, Italian food lovers won’t be let down by their choice in GIA’s Calamarata alla Bolognese if they’re looking for a classic dish to indulge in. Those looking for a creamy and rich flavour from their meal should opt for the Risotto di Zucca e Cheek, a pumpkin and mushroom risotto with slow-cooked beef cheeks glazed with an aromatic herb jus.

Risotto di Zucca e Cheek

Diners interested in a taste of the Mediterranean can opt for two delicious seafood dishes, the Polpo al Limone and Linguine allo Scoglio. Transport yourself to the Mediterranean coast with GIA’s Polpo al Limone, chargrilled octopus doused in lemon and garlic over rosemary potatoes with salsa verde. Get the best of both worlds with the Linguine allo Scoglio, a melange of clams, mussels, prawns, baby squid, and heirloom cherry tomatoes entangled with linguine pasta and Sicilian breadcrumbs. Lastly, to finish any meal, the Oro Fondante is the perfect way to end on a sweet note, a traditional fondant made with peanut butter covered with a 24k gold leaf and accompanied by vanilla gelato with mixed berries.

Visit GIA starting this week to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind culinary experience through its newly revamped menu.

Avo e Stracciatella

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