Rawabi Hypermarket Qatar Launches ‘Rawabi National Product Week’ Initiative in Collaboration with Ministry of Commerce and Industry

[Doha], 4th December – Rawabi Hypermarket, the prominent retailer in Qatar, is delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Rawabi National Product Week’ initiative, in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. This initiative underscores Rawabi Hypermarket’s steadfast commitment to promoting national products in its stores. The event showcased a magnificent array of Qatar’s products in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The event take place across all Rawabi stores in Qatar, was inaugurated on December 11, 2023, by Saif Jassim al-Kuwari, Director of the National Product Competitiveness Support Department at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The inauguration ceremony was held at Rawabi Hypermarket Izghawa, the largest single-floor Hypermarket in Qatar.

“We are thrilled to present the ‘Rawabi National Product Week,’ a significant initiative aligning with our social commitment to Qatar. On behalf of our esteemed Management, including Mr. M.P. Abdullah Haji (Chairman), Mr. Mohammed Abdulla (Managing Director), and Mr. Ajmal Abdullah (Executive Director), I express our enthusiasm for promoting national products in Rawabi stores,” stated Mr. Kannu Baker, General Manager of Rawabi group of companies.

Rawabi Hypermarket takes pride in being the region’s premier shopping destination for locally produced food and non-food items, actively supporting local producers and farmers.

Saif Jassim emphasized, “We always prioritize the availability of different local produce that strikes a balance between quality and reasonable prices for consumers. We appreciate the cooperation of local companies, with Rawabi Hypermarket being one of the most cooperative companies showcasing local produce.”

Mr. Kannu Baker further added, “This annual event promotes a sense of connection with Qatar’s food heritage and significantly contributes to our food security. The initiative will highlight a range of Qatari products, including Baladna, Rayyan Water, Dandy, Qatar Detergents, Batatos, Qbake , Qatar filling , Tahaluf (Gourmet) , dr. Puffs & Qutoof. Additionally, Rawabi group will showcase private label products produced locally.”

In line with the National Day celebrations, Rawabi Hypermarket Izghawa has introduced a traditional “Rawabi Souq,” where customers can select meat and fish for grilling, and we will grill it for free. Additionally, customers can opt for marinated meat and fish combos with a free delivery option, allowing them to order from Rawabi, and we will deliver the grilling combo materials to their location. This special offer will be available for one month.

Rawabi Hypermarket invites the community to join in celebrating Qatar’s rich heritage through the ‘Rawabi National Product Week’ and looks forward to fostering stronger ties with local producers and consumers.

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