Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre Teams with Misk Skills to Encourage Learning and Cultivating Leadership in Saudi Arabian Youth

Luxury Hotel leader partners with Misk Skills to participate in the growth of tourism

and luxury hospitality locally and ensure a bright future for the Kingdom

January 15, 2023, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The next generation of hotel talent is getting a big boost in the capital of Saudi Arabia as Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre partners with Misk Skills to welcome 20 interns and aspiring managers for practical training and skill development toward rewarding careers in hospitality. With its renown as a luxury hotspot in Riyadh, welcoming locals and international travelers alike, the Hotel is acting as a conduit for furthering the non-profit Misk Foundation’s mission of encouraging learning and cultivating leadership in Saudi Arabian youth to ensure a bright future for the Kingdom.

Misk Foundation has many offerings for young Saudis on their way up, including leadership development, career development, and entrepreneurship.

As a leader of luxury hospitality in Saudi Arabia, Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh offers a superb setting for interns and managers-in-training arriving through the Misk Skills Traineeships Program to embrace Four Seasons art of anticipatory service by catering to guests who have travelled the world and experienced diverse cultures along the way.

The Hotel is offering recruits from Misk Skills entrée into an array of specialties, with three- to six-month placements in supervisory roles or higher in Information Technology, Finance, Purchasing, Customer Experience, Restaurants & Café, and Hospitality. Meanwhile, Misk Skills ensures that Four Seasons is working only with the cream of the Saudi Arabia’s intern, handling all pre-interviews based on criteria selected by the property, and leaving it up to Hotel management to make the final calls.

Those who make the cut will be part of a smooth-running and rewarding operation, as the Hotel has long offered a strong internship program through partnerships with local organizations and international hospitality schools. The Hotel’s department of People & Culture oversees all onsite training, under leadership of the Director of Learning and Development.

“Teaming with Misk Skills to staff interns and managers-in-training is an important opportunity that we are glad to be part of,” said Guenter Gebhard, Regional Vice President and General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, reflecting excitedly on the quality of the recruits provided by the organization and training the Hotel provides them. “Ask any of our department heads, and they will tell you how rewarding it is to pass along skills they have acquired as part of the Four Seasons family. Whether our new interns and managers-in-training end up on our team or taking the skills they learn here to build hotel careers elsewhere, it is very gratifying for us to be a part of the growth of tourism and luxury hospitality here in Riyadh and throughout Saudi Arabia.”

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