AMASY Offers Luxurious Ramadan Tents That Bring Families and Friends Together at Selected Hotels By Dur Hospitality

AMASY introduces the new concept of Ramadan offers in Dur Hospitality hotels during the blessed month of Ramadan, for the third consecutive year, by offering the famous Ramadan tent experience in five of Dur’s hotels, in four cities across the Kingdom: Riyadh, Makkah, Tabuk, and Al Jubail. AMASY will be present this year at Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel, Crowne Plaza Riyadh Palace, Makarem Ajyad Hotel, Makarem Umm Al Qura Hotel, Holiday Inn & Suites Al Jubail, and Holiday Inn & Suites Tabuk.

AMASY offers an immersive experience that embodies the true essence of Ramadan, which is characterized by a pleasant and intimate atmosphere that brings together families and friends. With a total of five hotels, AMASY caters to all tastes and offers an ambiance that blends elegance and comfort. Guests can look forward to a unique experience at each hotel, with live cooking stations, recreational activities, and giant screens to showcase the most popular Ramadan TV shows.

This year AMASY celebrates the Ramadan season aligning with the Ministry of Culture’s programs by offering a specialized menu with diverse Saudi dishes, coffee corner, and board games. Guests can enjoy the authentic flavors of Saudi Arabia through the special menu curated by the finest chefs. Coffee corners, a Ramadan tradition in Saudi Arabia, are available in all five hotels, offering guests a chance to savor the finest coffee blends. Additionally, guests can indulge in board games and make unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Guests can easily book their Iftar and Suhoor tables at the hotel of their choice through the website

AMASY by Dur Hospitality promises an unforgettable Ramadan experience, with a specialized menu of delicious and specialty Saudi dishes, coffee & dessert corners, and competitions. Book your table today and join us for an exceptional Ramadan experience.



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