Celebrate the UAE National Day with Hysek limited edition

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Honoring the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates

November, 2023 – Hysek, the leading Swiss brand representing the pinnacle of haute horology, is celebrating the UAE National Day with Kilada UAE limited edition which represents a horological masterpiece paying homage to the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of the United Arab Emirates.

Limited to just 30 meticulously crafted pieces, the watch flawlessly encapsulates the spirit of celebration and togetherness, making it a perfect selection for individuals who wish to add a touch of elegance to the UAE National Day celebrations.

Kilada UAE limited edition perfectly reflects Kilada’s atypical, minimalist and refined style that imposed Hysek’s disruptive vision within the watch industry since the launch of Kilada’s line in 1997 which revolutionized the watch design, and will be available in Hysek’s exclusive boutique in Dubai Mall.

Hysek is an independent and unconventional Swiss watch brand with a prestigious position in high-end luxury timepieces combining artistic design and technical prowess to create timepieces characterized by total exclusivity and contemporary style seducing connoisseurs and discerning individuals eager to differentiate themselves and emphasize their originality.

For more information, please call +971-4-225-6513 or email

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