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!Enjoy this Eidiya before it melts

Dubai, UAE

20 June 2023 – Al Khoory Hotels, a distinguished provider of exceptional hospitality experiences in Dubai, is pleased to announce its Eid Al Adha offerings and activities, centered around the cherished Middle Eastern Arab tradition of Eidiya.

Al Khoory Hotels are all set to make this Eid an iconic one with more than 1000 scoops of ice cream being dispensed to its guests. Book a night at any of Al Khoory Hotels on the 28th of June and join in the celebrations in the heart of summer, savour the classic flavours, and share your fondest memories! With more than 1000 scoops of freshest, creamiest, and richest ice cream this summer with a treat so classic that it’s bound to bring back a formative childhood memory of a favourite place, flavour, or moment.

All seven properties of Al Khoory Hotels will participate in the festivities, allowing guests to engage in the cultural celebration of Eidiya. The vouchers will feature a brief message about Eidiya and include a scratch section that reveals a range of exciting giveaways, such as delightful food and beverage offerings and indulgent spa massages. Valid for three days or until June 30th, these vouchers provide ample time for guests to relish their special treats.

Eidiya holds a significant place in Middle Eastern Arab tradition, symbolizing the act of gifting to children and family members by older relatives or family friends. Al Khoory Hotels aims to not only promote the cultural values associated with Eid but also to share the excitement of this Holiday with their family in-house. By presenting Eidiya vouchers to guests, Al Khoory Hotels expresses gratitude to its esteemed patrons for their continuous support and patronage.

To enhance the celebration, Al Khoory Hotels invites guests to claim their Eidiya by participating in an exciting giveaway. Guests are encouraged to share their bids and experiences by tagging @alkhooryhotels on social media platforms. This engagement fosters a sense of camaraderie and joy within the Al Khoory Hotels community during this festive season.

Al Khoory Hotels takes pride in its diverse portfolio of seven properties, each offering a unique and delightful experience. Strategically located across Dubai, these hotels cater to a range of preferences and needs. The Al Khoory Atrium Hotel and Al Khoory Hotel Apartments in Al Barsha provide spacious and comfortable accommodations for extended stays. The Al Khoory Executive Hotel in Al Wasl offers a refined ambiance and impeccable service for discerning travelers. For those seeking a central location, the Al Khoory Inn in Bur Dubai provides easy access to Dubai’s historic landmarks. Urban Al Khoory in Al Quoz caters to the modern traveler with its trendy design and urban vibe. The Al Khoory Sky Garden Hotel on Airport Road provides the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and casual elegance. Finally, the Al Khoory Courtyard Hotel on Al Waha Street provides a charming oasis with its welcoming atmosphere. Each of these properties combines convenience, comfort, and exceptional hospitality to ensure an unforgettable stay for guests.

For more information or reservations, please contact Al Khoory Hotels at +971 4 314 6200, WhatsApp at +971 50 500 6611, or email: . Visit the Al Khoory Hotels website at

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