Intigral Continues its Growth Journey Story in 2021

Globally, through 2021, the OTT industry continued to record significant growth in terms of subscribers and content consumption. Compared to Q3 2020, streaming viewing time recorded a 21% increase worldwide in Q3 2021.

As a leading provider of digital entertainment and sports services across MENA, Intigral has maintained a steady growth rate throughout 2021, achieving immense success in expanding its reach to new markets and enhancing its value proposition. Keeping up with the digital transformation of the Kingdom, and in line with Saudi Vision 2030, Intigral has been contributing to the advancement of the digital entertainment industry by providing customers with world-class content that caters to their various tastes and needs through its premium OTT service Jawwy TV.

In pursuit of its ambitious expansion strategy, Intigral has been active on multiple fronts establishing partnerships with prominent telecommunications companies across the region, in Egypt, Oman, Jordan and UAE, and collaborating with international digital streaming providers and major media content aggregators to grow and enrich Jawwy TV’s library. Bringing more valuable offerings to its customers, Intigral has partnered with discovery+, making several of its channels and hit programs available on its world-class platform.

While competition in the video streaming space continues to intensify, Intigral remains abreast of industry developments by integrating the latest technological solutions to create an enhanced streaming experience. Intigral offers a one-stop destination to enjoy a diverse range of content genres and offerings, by combining the very best of Arabic and Western content that everyone can enjoy. This year, the company launched its Jawwy TV App for Android TVs, Samsung TVs, as well as Apple TV, enabling subscribers to experience the service on the big screens of major TV brands. Owing to the apps intuitive user interface, enhanced search options, download feature and accurate recommendation engines, Jawwy TV viewers can indulge in a unique immersive viewership experience across multiple devices.

In addition to bringing the latest and most compelling content to Jawwy TV every month, Intigral released its unique and unconventional, original program Al Awael, empowering Saudi female pioneers and highlighting their awe-inspiring accomplishments. As part of its contribution to the fight against COVID-19, it collaborated with Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (misk Foundation) to broadcast its first documentary film “Beyond Survival” exclusively on Jawwy TV, highlighting local efforts to navigate the health crisis.

Drawing on the latest technological advancements in cybersecurity and digital solutions, Intigral teams up with leading digital platform security providers to implement several security services and anti-piracy tools, combating content piracy and protecting Jawwy TV subscribers. Throughout the year, the company’s operations and investments have been geared towards enhancing the user experience and boosting customer satisfaction by upgrading its OTT platform, ensuring world class performance with low buffer rates and high resolution delivered over a robust ICT infrastructure, whilst simultaneously driving viewer engagement for a next level digital entertainment experience.

With its commitment to supporting the digital entertainment industry, Intigral was one of the prominent participants in this year’s Broadcast Pro Summit and Nextv Series MENA, solidifying its leading role and promoting its presence in the market across MENA. Recognized for its latest milestones and stellar achievements, the company received the “Streaming Service of the Year” award at the 2020 ASBU Broadcast Pro ME Summit and the “Fastest Growing VOD Platform” award in 2021 from the prestigious Global Economics Awards.

Intigral’s strategy is centered around keeping the customer at the heart of everything it does, prioritizing their satisfaction, and offering them a world-class digital entertainment experience which has in turn helped transform the company into one of the leading digital entertainment powerhouses throughout the MENA region.

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