OPPO brings the ultimate visual display and touch sensation to the new Reno8 T 5G


  • OPPO combines state-of-the-art technology and deep user insights to provide the best possible all-round experience
  • Users can enjoy a more immersive, vivid, and smoother display on OPPO’s Reno8 T 5G, allowing for an elevated user experience that was once only possible on flagship devices 

6 April 2023 – The display screen has always been an essential component of any electronic communications device. Back when mobile phones were only used to make calls and check texts, screens were designed simply to display information and notifications. Today, photography, video, games, and online content all take place through our smartphone screens, placing ever-increasing demands on the quality of the screen itself.

Global technology brand, OPPO, spent years researching exactly what the consumer of today needed and have honed in on two key factors that make all the difference when it comes to screen quality and user experience.

Discover more through a more immersive, vivid, and smoother display

There are a number of elements on the Reno8 T 5G that help to create a ‘wow’ factor on the phone’s display, including rich color depth, a high refresh rate, and a high screen-to-body ratio.

With its narrow 2.32mm lower bezel and 1.57mm right and left side bezels, the 6.7-inch, punch-hole AMOLED screen on the Reno8 T 5G is truly boundless. The 93% screen-to-body ratio is also one of the highest screen-to-body ratios in the history of the Reno series and almost unheard of for a smartphone in this price bracket.

This end-to-end screen is made possible thanks to a cutting-edge COP screen packaging process that enables the screen to cover as much of the front face of the phone as possible. This not only results in less intrusive bezels, but also allows the size of the display to be maxed out without increasing the size of the device itself, so users can enjoy a fully immersive visual experience that fits into the palm of their hands.

The Reno8 T 5G’s display also delivers an outstanding 10-bit colour depth capable of recreating more than 1.07 billion colours, resulting in the colours appearing both realistic and consistent. This is 64 times more colour than the standard 8-bit displays typically seen at this price point. When viewing photos and videos, users can enjoy scenes with smoother and more natural colour transitions for a truly breathtaking experience that was once only possible on flagship devices.

OPPO Reno8 T 5G supports 2160Hz High-Frequency PWM Dimming

It’s not only the display colour that is comparable to a flagship-level smartphone. With its 120Hz refresh rate, and an instantaneous touch sampling rate of up to 1000Hz, the display provides an extra smooth visual experience when viewing content, gaming, or even just browsing the web. This is complemented by 2160Hz high-frequency PWM dimming for more comfortable view in dim light, reducing the eye fatigue caused by low-frequency flickers.

Precision micro-curves take the screen beyond just visuals

The Reno8 T 5G’s display offers far more than an immersive viewing experience. Through precision engineering, the display has been optimized to improve comfort and efficiency when it matters most.

For the first time on the Reno series, the Reno8 T 5G comes equipped with a flagship-level AMOLED curved screen, or more specifically, a micro-curved screen with a precise 56-degree curve and 1.9mm arc height. The result of months of testing in the OPPO Labs, this subtle ‘golden curve’ creates a natural transition between the device’s display and its physical frame that’s incredibly smooth.

Thanks to the micro-curved design, the Reno8 T 5G feels thinner and lighter than phones with waterfall displays, and smoother than with those with non-curved displays, measuring approximately 7.7 mm in thickness and weighing only 171 g. Even with its larger battery and enhanced hardware, holding the phone remains completely effortless and feels as comfortable as ever.

OPPO Reno8 T 5G features flagship-level curved screen

The Reno8 T 5G also introduces optimizations that address problems often associated with curved screens. Although easy mistouches on the side of the screen have been known to plague curved screen devices in the past, OPPO has developed a series of algorithms specifically for the micro-curved screen to improve touch accuracy during typical use scenarios and enhance user comfort.

Delivering a flagship-level screen requires more than just high-end specs, it’s an intricate combination of the best technology and deep user insights designed to provide the best possible all-round experience. On the Reno8 T 5G, OPPO brings together a superior immersive display and a comfortable grip, redefining what it means to be a high-end smartphone screen.

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