realme celebrates 5 years of innovation and growth in the smartphone industry

KSA, Riyadh – 28,8, 2023 – realme was founded in a fiercely competitive market. With its “Dare to Leap” slogan, the company has flourished in the smartphone industry and gained firm footing among mainstream global brands. This year marks realme’s fifth year, and the company has reaffirmed its reputation among its customers around the world. Over the last half-decade, the manufacturer has moved up 29 places in the Top 50 Kantar BrandZ Chinese Global Brand Builders 2023 report. Over the last five years, realme has proven again and again the disruptive power of its “Dare to Leap” slogan in the cutthroat smartphone market.

Celebrating the 5th Year with Leap Up Product – realme 11 Pro Series

realme celebrates its 5th anniversary with the launch of the realme 11 pro [Leap Up] series by doubling the user experience in this sector.

 realme 11 Pro Series, Packed with cutting-edge technology and stylish design, these devices are set to make a mark in the highly competitive smartphone market with continual breakthroughs and innovation, bringing leap-forward experiences to young people.

One of the key highlights of the realme 11 Pro 5G series is its stunning design. The company has collaborated with renowned former Gucci designer Matteo Menotto to create a visually appealing aesthetic. The Pro and Pro Plus models feature a faux leather back panel with a woven stripe running along the center, inspired by the vibrant city of Milan.

On Behalf of that, the realme 11 Pro 5G series delivers an immersive viewing experience. The series model boasts a large 6.7-inch curved AMOLED and is powered by an advanced hardware variant housing the MediaTek 6nm Dimensity 7050 5G chipset, paired with a Mali-G68 GPU.

Today, realme is writing a new chapter in its story of bringing leap-forward technologies and design to its young consumer base. In the next five years, the brand will continue under the slogan of “Dare to Leap” and carry forward its commitment to “leap-forward products” and “no leap, no launch” in the global market.

No leap, no launch

Today, realme continues to refine its leap-forward products and follows the principle of “no leap, no launch.” These principles have created a positive brand impression in the minds of users around the world, once again gaining realme a place in Kantar BrandZ’s Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders list 2023.

realme injects the power of “Dare to Leap” in product detailing, bringing fresh and unique new ideas and possibilities into young people’s lives. The realme GT 3 was the designated device for the 2022 Honor of Kings National Competition. Additionally, realme conducted in-depth research on young user preferences and wrote the final chapter on flash charging capabilities. The company also started the industry’s rush to make 1TB of storage widely available and pioneered a 200 MP single-lens zoom on the realme 11.

How “Dare to Leap” brought realme into the global mainstream

Five years ago, realme entered the crowded smartphone OEM market as an underdog and quickly defied expectations. Many prognosticators doubted the new brand’s ability to survive in a crowded market with established structures. Faced with these doubts, realme’s young, ambitious team chose “Dare to Leap” for its brand concept, and stayed true to its mission of bringing leap-forward technologies and design to its young consumer base. The brand broke into this nearly impenetrable market and set off on a trajectory of rapid growth.

An unlikely breakthrough

realme achieved incredible growth with its “light assets, short channel modes, and e-commerce prioritization” strategy of the last five years. In the two years after it was established, the company was named the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand for four consecutive quarters (Counterpoint) and was ranked 7th in the global smartphone market. In 2019, realme made a powerful entry into the competitive Chinese market. Amid a challenging market environment, realme seized opportunities presented by the global 5G upgrade cycle and quickly positioned itself as a “5G popularizer” by introducing a range of popular 5G products globally. The strategy was effective, and realme became the fastest in the world to reach US$50 million in sales in the third quarter of 2020 (Counterpoint). In 2021, realme achieved another milestone, became the world’s fastest brand to achieve US$100 million in sales (Strategy Analytics), and entered the global top six for the first time (Counterpoint Report). The brand had achieved what many had called impossible.

. In a fiercely competitive market dominated by established industry giants, realme beat the odds and entered the mainstream. realme ranked in the top five in 30 markets around the world in just three years, establishing realme as the world’s youngest mainstream smartphone brand.

As a young and fearless brand, realme’s “light assets, short channel modes, and e-commerce prioritization” strategy helped this company quickly conquer more than 10 major regional markets. The company broke record after record. In the two years after it was established, realme was named the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand for four consecutive quarters and was ranked 7th in the global smartphone market. In Q3 of 2020, realme became the first mobile phone brand in the world to sell US$50 million units in less than two-and-a-half years (Counterpoint Report). In 2021, realme went from strength to strength, and hit a record-breaking US$100 million in sales in just 37 months (Strategy Analytics). That same year, realme was ranked 6th in the global smartphone market for the first time, becoming the youngest mainstream smartphone brand in the world.

realme’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to its “Dare to Leap” brand philosophy. Its young leadership team boasts an average age of only 30 years old and has a unique insight into realme’s young customer base. They stay on top of user needs, adapt quickly to market changes and consistently deliver products with leap-forward performance and design. realme has managed to “leapfrog” its industry competitors. The company continues to surpass its own goals and achieve the impossible.

In the first thousand days of its operations, realme achieved breakthroughs and won the confidence of consumers around the world. In 2020, realme was entitled to 2020 China’s “50 Most Innovative Companies” list by Fast Company. The business magazine remarked that realme “continues to grow and evolve in good times and remains resilient in adversity.” The publication recognized the company’s ability to embrace change and adapt while also fulfilling its social responsibilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit while realme was only in its second year. Faced with this, along with a score of other adverse conditions, realme stayed true to its “Dare to Leap” foundations and met all challenges head-on. During this time, “long-term growth” became the company’s keywords, and “Simply Better” Strategy and “Market Cultivation” Strategy were made top priorities.

Over the last five years, realme has stayed true to its mission, showing the world the potential of Chinese technology brands. The company understands that its popularity among young users goes beyond its “Dare to Leap” philosophy; realme’s popularity is built on “leap-forward products” and deep insight into user needs.

Reaching for higher peaks and greater heights for the next five years

realme’s rapid growth sets the company apart. However, the industry’s increasing challenges have made achieving growth more difficult. The brand adapts quickly to find unique paths forward and has never shied away from a challenge. The company is adhering to the “long-term growth” approach it introduced last year, as well as its “Simply Better” Strategy and “Market Cultivation” Strategy to unify its global product line.

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, realme remains committed to its initial mission, placing users at the core and increasing investment in research and development across six major domains: Display, Imaging, Gaming, Charging, Chipset, and Craftsmanship

About realme:

realme is a global consumer technology company disrupting the smartphone market by making cutting-edge technologies more accessible. It provides a range of smartphones and lifestyle technology devices with premium specs, quality, and trend-setting designs to young consumers. Established by Sky Li in 2018 and driven by its “Dare to Leap” spirit, realme has become one of the top 5 smartphone players in 30 markets globally in just three years, and realme has entered multiple markets worldwide, including China and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, and has a global user base of over 160 million. For more information, please visit

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