Sugargram, the much loved boutique cupcake  gifting brand that delivers bite size cupcakes, is now available in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah  on Talabat, Chatfood and Deliveroo.

A perfect  premium gifting concept, Sugargram’s heavenly itty bitty cupcakes come in ten iconic flavours – Fudge Judy (Triple Chocolate); Oreona Grande (Cookies & Cream); Jelly Jennifer (Peanut Butter & Jelly); Love, Rosie (Rose & Nutella); Basic Becky (Chocolate Chip Pancake); Mrs. Weasley (Red Velvet & Cream Cheese); Holly Ho-Lightly (Festive Cake Batter); David Rainbowie (Tie-Dye Swirl); Sasha Speculoos (Lotus Biscuit); and Jennifer Applestone (Apple Crumble). These delectable bite size cupcakes can either come in boxes of 25 and are priced at AED 125 or in a box of 50 for AED 300. Each box can be packed for a special occasion with fun and festive sleeves!

In addition to box size cupcakes, the cupcakery also has cookie gift boxes, full size cakes and has most recently launched  Sugargram tin(y) cakes. Each tiny cake comes in a Instagram-worthy tin and is impossible to resist. With the label “Break in case of emergency” the cakes are covered with a hard chocolate shell that needs to be cracked. It is priced at AED 55 and comes in three delectable flavors: Tiny Chocolate, Funfetti Birthday Cake and Spanish Latte.

Additionally, the brand debuted its artisanal candy collection in a “Sip Sip Hooray” box, which contains four bottles filled with mocktail gummies that are bursting with tropical flavors.

Customers will  love Sugargram’s Cookie Papi if they’re a fan of huge chunks of cookie  goodness! The Cookie Papi boxes come filled with 8 freshly baked cookies in 5 assorted flavours including the Riri Velvet (red velvet), Funfetti Wap (confetti and white chocolate) and Brownye West (brownie cookie) and are available for AED 115.

Anyone with a sweet craving can simply log into Talabat, Chatfood and  Deliveroo and the box will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

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