Western Furniture invites people to sparkle their homes during Eid AL Fitr

Dubai, UAE 

Commemorating the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr is a time of special prayers, family visits, gift-giving, and charity. It is also a festive occasion to redecorate your home. Western Furniture invites people to sparkle their homes with simple ideas that make them luminous and joyful as the spirit of Eid.

Mirrors – Use new mirrors to create an illusion of depth and space.

Color – Light airy color palettes that offer a new visual dimension.

Embellish with accessories – Adding interesting textured vases or vibrant artworks can do wonders to all spaces.

Patterns – Mix and match patterns in different scales to create the right balance.

Add light elements – You can also add lighting elements for entertaining evenings. Think of lighting elements to create a magical space. Classic white & warm bulbs can fit into any decorating style.

Rugs – Rugs in our homes can be to a home as shoes are to a well-dressed outfit. While choosing a rug for festive season, look towards other elements of your design scheme, such as colour. If the rug you choose has an element of your design scheme, it will help reinforce, and create a more cohesive feel and look to your room.












About Western Furniture:

Founded in 1992 in Dubai, Western Furniture LLC is a well-established leading retailer of medium to high quality furniture in the region and is a member of the Arenco Group of Companies. Western Furniture offers a large selection of bedroom sets, living room furniture, dining room sets, occasional tables, sofa sets, entertainment centres, and decorative accessories. It showcases Italian brands like Natuzzi Italia, Tomasella, Zanette, Calligaris, Miniforms, Gamma, Tonin Casa, Natuzzi Editions, Bonaldo, Kristalia, Adriani & Rossi, and Reflex. Spanish brands such as Schuller, German brand Draenert are also showcased at the Western Furniture Stores in Karama and Sheikh Zayed Road. Western Furniture is the dealer of Natuzzi Italia, the premium brand of the Natuzzi Group with a mono-brand store located on Sheikh Zayed Road, its largest showroom in the world offering stylish and highly sought-after furniture and home furnishing.

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