Western Furniture Presents Tonin Casa’s Modern Dining Tables, Perfect for Any Occasion

Dubai, UAE

Western Furniture, a leading luxury furniture store in Dubai, is proud to present Tonin Casa’s collection of modern dining tables, perfect for any occasion.

The collection features three stunning tables, each with its own unique style and functionality. The Reverse dining table by Tonin Casa is a modern table with a reversible metal base, making it a perfect reversible table for any occasion. The base is made of painted steel and the glass top is available in different finishes such as Brushed Bronze, Brushed Copper, Carbon Grey, Stone Bronze, and Matt Gold. The Reverse dining table is customizable and can be tailored to match any home interior style.

The Firenze Glass or Ceramic Fixed Round Table by Tonin Casa is a masterpiece of technique, precision, and elegance. Its spiral-shaped base comes in Walnut or Dark Oak, and the round top is available in 3 varieties of glass or 3 varieties of ceramic, accommodating different tastes in design. It comes in 2 different sizes, making it perfect for small dining rooms or living areas.

The Big Firenze table by Tonin Casa is another original example of elegance and attention to detail. Its base is available in 2 types of solid woods, creating a beautiful spiral sculpture that creates a captivating optical illusion. Its top in glass or ceramic stoneware creates a furniture piece full of character and depth. This table comes in 4 different sizes, in an ovoid or rectangular shape, with a double base in wood.

The Tonin Casa dining table collection is 100% made in Italy and customizable according to your specifications. With its quality materials, production process technology, and unique design, Tonin Casa dining tables are the perfect choice for any dining room or living area.

Visit Western Furniture today to see the full Tonin Casa dining table collection and experience the elegance and sophistication of Italian design. Technical specifications and prices vary depending on finish and size.

For more information and details, Email: |  or call: Umm Hurair Road: T. 04 337 7152.

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