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Ajman Folklore Festival Announced for April 19, Supported by Ministry of Culture, Ajman Tourism, and Rewaq Ousha Bint Hussein Cultural Center

Ajman, United Arab Emirates – 27 March 2024

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman, and Chairman of Ajman Executive Council, the inaugural Ajman Folklore Festival, themed “Ajman…embracing history and identity,” is set to be launched on April 19 to 21. The event is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Culture, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, the Rewaq Ousha Bint Hussein Cultural Center, and the MTG Events Organizing Company, aimed at enhancing heritage and cultural awareness within the Emirate of Ajman.

This announcement was made during a press conference hosted by the Rewaq Ousha Bint Hussein Cultural Center. The event saw the presence of representatives from the Ministry of Culture, the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, Dr.  Mouza Ghubash, the festival’s president, as well as the MTG company responsible for organizing the festival’s events.

Dr.  Mouza Ghubash, Chairwoman of the Rewaq Ousha Bint Hussein Cultural Center and also the president of the festival, expressed her gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Culture and the Ajman Department of Tourism Development in organizing this festival. She highlighted how the event showcases the diverse and vibrant cultural heritage of Ajman, emphasizing its importance in fostering awareness among youth regarding folklore and heritage. Dr. Ghubash emphasized that this particular festival holds a special significance as it greatly contributes to the preservation of societies’ cultural and historical identities.

Ghubash further mentioned that the festival serves as a dynamic platform, offering young individuals the chance to explore and delve into their folk heritage through artistic displays and a range of traditional performances showcased throughout the event. Moreover, incorporating regional and global heritage into the festival fosters cultural exchange among communities promotes mutual understanding between diverse cultures and societies, and deepens their appreciation for the value of diversity in enriching human civilization. Ultimately, such initiatives contribute to fostering peace and tolerance among peoples.

A key focus of this festival is to spotlight the ancient heritage of the Emirate of Ajman, utilizing the festival as a platform to exhibit its distinctive cultural and artistic legacy. These events play a vital role in preserving Emirati heritage and passing it down to younger generations, thereby reinforcing national identity and nurturing cultural exchange within the community.

In summary, the Ajman Folklore Festival represents a valuable chance to enhance cultural awareness and promote cultural and global engagement.

Dr. Muna Al Suwaidi, programs and projects advisor at the Ministry of Culture, affirmed that the Ministry of Culture hosts the Ajman Folklore Festival at the Creative Center in Ajman. This participation aligns with the Ministry’s objective of promoting the preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage, the Arabic language, and national identity. The festival is part of our ongoing efforts to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding among peoples, fostering cooperation and peaceful coexistence. It serves as an excellent platform to showcase the diverse cultural heritage and folk arts from around the globe, representing our shared human identity. We warmly invite everyone to join this distinguished event and celebrate these cultural festivities together with us.

Abdulaziz Al Mahri, the official representative of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, expressed his delight in being part of organizing the inaugural Ajman Folklore Festival. The festival’s primary goal is to showcase the Emirate of Ajman’s rich cultural heritage, thereby improving the overall visitor experience and highlighting the emirate’s tourist and cultural attractions. He also emphasized the department’s ongoing commitment to supporting cultural and artistic initiatives, as well as promoting cultural interaction and exchange within society, aligning with the vision outlined in Ajman Vision 2030.

Mrs. Badriya Al Hosani, Director of the Ajman Center of the Ministry of Culture, conveyed her pleasure about the center being the host venue for this significant festival. The festival’s objectives include deepening heritage comprehension, safeguarding the Emirati identity, and showcasing the heritage of Ajman and its alignment with the visionary goals set by its government.

Mrs. Tahrir Al-Amir, CEO of MTG, expressed her pride in arranging this event that raises cultural convergence, encourages exchange, and offers a platform for all segments of society to engage with and learn about the country’s genuine traditional customs and practices. Additionally, attendees can relish a festive ambiance by participating in the events and accompanying activities.

The festival’s goals encompass emphasizing the significance of cross-cultural communication between Arab and international communities, showcasing local Emirati folklore, conserving local, international, and Arab heritage and culture, fostering understanding and cultural exchange among diverse cultures, increasing awareness of the significance of folk arts and folklore in people’s lives, and fostering connections and communication between peoples.

The festival also boasts a diverse and extensive program, featuring a wide array of concerts, folkloric performances, cultural showcases, and workshops. Additionally, there will be an art exhibition, a display of ancient collectibles, culinary delights, fashion shows, daily competitions, and shopping kiosks catering to enthusiasts.

On the festival’s inaugural day, there will be a lineup of Emirati folklore activities, featuring the opening of an art exhibition and a display of vintage collectibles both indoors and at external kiosks. Emirati folk performances like Al-Ayyala and Al-Yawla, as well as workshops on wicker painting and candle making, will also take place. Furthermore, there will be an Emirati artist’s gathering and a symposium on Nabati poetry, concluding with the announcement of the winners of the competition for the most captivating Nabati poem about Ajman.

The festival’s second day will feature an enchanting display of Arab folklore, with a lively folk dance performance representing countries like Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, and Yemen. Adding to the ambiance will be the rhythmic drumming of artist Muhammad Karazon, complemented by popular songs from each nation. Furthermore, attendees can participate in a workshop focused on Palestinian embroidery and explore an exhibition showcasing folkloric costumes from various Arab countries tailored for adults. Excitingly, there will be a competition highlighting the most exquisite folkloric costume for children, along with a captivating artistic concert by the Syrian folkloric band Takat.

On the third day of the Ajman Folklore Festival, there will be a captivating folk-dance showcase featuring multiple international groups, including Circassian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Turkish, and others. Additionally, there will be an exhibition of international folklore costumes. The festival will also welcome Uzbek artist Azam Shek and announce the winners of a competition for the most beautiful international or Arab heritage painting. Furthermore, a Chinese teaching workshop will be held as part of the day’s activities.

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