Dopamine-inducing Colours for a Happier Home

Dubai, UAE

Dopamine dressing is a unique and exciting way to add vibrance and personality to interiors. Originally a fashion concept which encouraged ‘dressing for joy’ to boost one’s mood, this idea can also be used to create feel-good interior spaces designed to energize, inspire and evoke delight while providing an atmosphere that is visually pleasing and emotionally nourishing.

Jotun Paints’ Fenomastic Wonderwall Lux paint collection offers a range of colours that evoke joy and good cheer. As the region’s first washable matt paint with no smell and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that is recommended by mothers and painters, the paint collection also improves air quality and protects walls without compromising on beauty.

A few paint colours from Jotun’s collection that can encourage a dopamine-induced atmosphere are highlighted below:

Dijon Yellow

A strong ochre-yellow shade that adds grace, coziness and confidence. With earthy undertones, it is perfect for radiating warmth and elegance when paired with concrete flooring and also makes a charming backdrop for rooms with muted black and white colours.

Jotun Color Code: 10001





With a tinge of orange and peach, this pink hue offers a mood-lifting invitation into any space. It maximizes brightness in spaces with ample natural light and also blends effectively with brighter or darker colours. Consider adding patterned furnishings and décor to contrast its smooth appeal. Its welcoming nature also makes it ideal for kid’s rooms or play areas.

Jotun Color Code: 2602



Green Leaf

This green hue represents freshness and security. It emanates a naturally peaceful, organic and rejuvenating atmosphere that works well in rooms dedicated to rest. It can also be matched with ceramic accessories or a modern sleek sofa for a calming touch. For more vibrancy, consider complementing the tone with furnishings in shades of greyish blue as well as pastel peach and pink tones.

Jotun Color Code: 8469



Poetry Red

Elegant and confident with a whisper of nostalgia, this powerful hue invigorates ambition. It can easily be combined with lighter colours like grey to evoke prestige and tenderness. Adding a few understated pieces like a coffee table and a fluffy rug creates an atmosphere that ensures comfort, class and care.

Jotun Color Code: 20208




Statement Blue

A clear and bold blue tone. As the name suggests, this colour makes a statement by emanating a soothing and stylish ambience. Contrast it with lighter accent colours such as white accessories and wooden furniture to add charm and a modern finish.

Jotun Color Code: 4863




A deep plum color with warm purple undertones that provide a magical elegance and unique depth. Consider using this colour for nighttime rooms with furnishings in light blues, soft grays, silvers and faded browns to exhibit a luxurious sophistication. Furniture with minimalistic and quirky elements can also add an extra layer of opulence.

Jotun Color Code: 20145

Customers can learn more about Jotun’s Fenomastic Wonderwall Lux paint by calling 800JOTUN or using the Book-A-Painter service at The paint can directly be purchased from any of Jotun’s authorized retailers in the UAE.

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