Reveal of JAECOO’s Newly Modified Vehicle, Set for Launch at the Global Owner Ecosystem Co-creation Conference

Recently, an official announcement from JAECOO has unveiled plans to host the “2023 Global Owner Ecosystem Co-creation Conference” in mid-October. The occasion will invite global automotive media, industry KOLs, and owners to discuss the sustainable green development path of JAECOO and the shared vision for a collaborative ecosystem. As a novel off-road urban SUV brand crafted in the wake of the surge of “intelligent” trends and the emergence of diverse urban off-road cultures, the conference aims to spotlight the distinct personalities within the JAECOO owner ecosystem. How does the off-road culture blend seamlessly with green technology? Such questions are set to be the focal points eagerly anticipated by owners

Pioneering a New Paradigm in Off-road Living
In this digital age, marked by heightened openness and individuality, everything related to automobiles will exude dynamic progressiveness. The owners stand at the heart of this innovation, playing an indispensable role in the brand’s evolution

Exploring Diverse Automotive Scenarios: Originating from the owners and returning to the owners, the core segment of this JAECOO owner conference, titled “Ecosystem Product Exhibition and Sale,” will see JAECOO unveiling their inaugural modified vehicle. Accompanied by a range of exquisite peripherals such as outdoor power sources, tents, drones, and VR goggles, JAECOO aims to tap into its acute insight and creativity, breathing life into owners’ aspirations for a refreshed off-road lifestyle, while jointly exploring a myriad of applications for JAECOO products

Vehicles are more than mere modes of transport; they are carriers of ideal lifestyles. Through the “JAECOO Global Owner Ecosystem Co-creation Conference,” JAECOO seeks to harness owner energy, together forging a new paradigm in green off-road living. Global owners and media are expected to grace the JAECOO ecosystem product exhibition, fostering exchanges and igniting potentially electrifying inspirations

Glimpse into JAECOO’s Intelligent Off-road Product Capabilities
If the “Ecosystem Product Exhibition and Sale” serves as a showcase of JAECOO’s collaborative owner philosophy, the “Technology DAY” of the JAECOO “2023 Global Owner Ecosystem Co-creation Conference” is poised to be JAECOO’s stage to flaunt its technical prowess

Amidst the tidal waves of vehicular intelligence and interconnectedness, a technologically superior and smarter car aligns more closely with owner requirements. JAECOO, with its visionary approach, stands at the vanguard of urban off-road SUV intelligence. This is vividly manifested in their debut global product, the JAECOO 7

Marrying the expertise and craftsmanship of top-tier design teams from the UK and Germany, the JAECOO 7 embodies the mantra “From Classic, Beyond Classic.” It boasts a rare 14.8-inch ceiling screen in its class, a 10.25-inch full LCD dashboard, and a tri-spoke flat-bottomed multifunctional steering wheel, together crafting an immersive smart cockpit ambiance. The integration of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chipset ensures a more fluid owner interface, while features like the W-HUD head-up display epitomize the harmonious fusion of technology and driving pleasure. Its proprietary ARDIS All-Road Intelligent System is tailored for diverse terrains, delivering an unparalleled intelligent driving experience

The “Technology DAY” segment of the owner conference will unveil the four cornerstone technologies behind JAECOO 7, offering a sneak peek into cutting-edge off-road intelligence and the future R&D direction of the JAECOO brand

We firmly believe that rooted in owner co-creation and sustainable development, JAECOO will harness robust product capabilities and a more inclusive owner ecosystem. By crafting an increasingly nuanced product system fitting diverse scenarios, we eagerly await the JAECOO 2023 Global Owner Ecosystem Co-creation Conference this October to herald a fresh chapter and legend in the global urban off-road SUV domain

As a brand-new off-road brand, the name JAECOO is inspired by a fusion of the German word “Jäger” and the English word “Cool.” This melding captures both off-road and urbanism while exuding a refined style and quality that imparts a mission of brave exploration and unwavering perseverance. With more than a decade of joint venture experience, the group adheres to the brand philosophy of “From Classic, Beyond Classic.” JAECOO is tirelessly dedicated to innovation and breakthroughs, leading the new urban off-road trend with exceptional four-wheel-drive performance, remarkable safety features, and forward-thinking intelligent technologies. Inheriting the genes of meticulous luxury, it blends the wisdom and craftsmanship of master design teams from the UK, Germany, and other countries, setting a new standard for urban off-road SUVs. In the future, JAECOO will actively promote the concept of sustainable development, combining all-road capabilities with new energy solutions, creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly off-road performance to provide a more comfortable and greener travel experience for the urban elite



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