The Global Debut of OMODA & JAECOO New Car Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show soon to be launched in KSA Market

OMODA and JAECOO recently debuted as independent brands at Auto Shanghai 2023, which generated significant media attention. Among the uniqueness unveiled at the event were the OMODA 5 e-QUA, the brand’s first purely electric vehicle, and the JAECOO 7 and JAECOO 9, two models designed to satisfy the travel needs of the young and urban elite with sophisticated taste. The presentation of OMODA and JAECOO epitomizes their unwavering commitment to catering to next-generation consumers and producing original concepts. With the Auto Shanghai 2023, OMODA inaugurated its brand independence by launching the OMODA 5 e-QUA, a fully electric model.

OMODA & JAECOO are mainly focused on establishing as NEW ENERGY BRAND for the future. It is very imperative, as the future of the automobile industry is moving toward pure electric vehicles and OMODA & JAECOO have already adapted to the new trend. As of now, OMODA & JAECOO will enter the SAUDI market with petrol versions, however, in the later stages, EV models will also be introduced globally and in the KSA market.

OMODA had already developed its first global vehicle, the OMODA 5, targeting modern and dynamic consumers who seek a fashionable lifestyle. Not only this, the OMODA team has created the Eco-System called O-UNIVERUSE for their consumer, where they no longer need to rely on different gadgets, in fact, their car and all the gadgets or any electronic device will be well integrated with OMODA Eco-System and can be controlled from one platform only for the ease of OMODA users. This is a lifestyle and amusing experience that OMODA is committed to delivering.

JAECOO, on the other hand, focused on designing urban off-road SUVs that cater to the travel needs of consumers with exquisite taste. By displaying a couple of new models at the exhibition, JAECOO captured public attention, and a lot of appraisals which led to considerable social media exposure, thanks to its design philosophy inspired by nature.

OMODA and JAECOO also organized a Brand Day at their headquarters in Wuhu, Anhui Province on April 20, during this event, they shed some light on new clean energy technologies and future development strategies. More than 400 worldwide dealers and media representatives attended and were inspired by this event, witness to the inception of two sophisticated and stylish brands.

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