SERES Auto, the Leading Chinese New Energy Vehicle Company, Unveils Revolutionary SERES 5 and 7 SUVs in the UAE for an Eco-Friendly and Innovative Future

Dubai, UAE

By Liza Ayach

SERES Auto, the Leading Chinese New Energy Vehicle Company, Unveils Revolutionary SERES 5 and 7 SUVs in the UAE for an Eco-Friendly and Innovative Future

SERES AUTO and Green Motors UAE have joined forces to introduce SERES’ two groundbreaking electric vehicles: the SERES 5, a mid-size Sport SUV, and the SERES 7, a large-size Comfort SUV (EVs), combining innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled driving experiences.
This grand launch event, held at Burj Khalifa – Armani Hotel on June 28, 2024, was attended by royalty, VIPs, and SERES management.

SERES Group’s AITO (Adding Intelligence to Auto) brand has ranked among the top five luxury car brands in the Chinese market, alongside Audi, BMW, Benz, and Tesla, highlighting its rising success in this competitive segment.

Dr. Jiaxi You, Vice President of SERES Overseas Business Unit, said: “It’s a great pleasure to introduce our product to the UAE market. The two Range Extended SUVs, the SERES 5 or the mini-size sport SUV, and the SERES 7, the large-size SUV for family use, aim to meet the needs of either young drivers or families.”

SERES 5 Highlights
SERES 5: Drive Further, Explore More. Leveraging on the SERES Range Extender 3.0 technology, with an ultra-high fuel-to-electric conversion rate, the SERES 5 offers an impressive WLTP combined range of up to 1175km.  Combining the driving range of a traditional fuel vehicle with the pure electric performance, it provides the best driving experience. With dual-motor four-wheel drive, the SERES 5 delivers distinctive driving experience and exceptional sporty performance. In addition, it has a full Aluminium-Alloy chassis, with Double-Wishbone in the front, and Multi-Link Independent Suspension in the back. You will definitely have an exciting driving experience. Furthermore, it is equipped with a safety cage body, ensuring an enjoyable and safe driving experience.

SERES 7 Highlights
Positioned as a large-size SUV, the SERES 7 aims to make every journey feel like home. It offers a versatile and large interior space with both five-seater and six-seater versions available to meet various family needs. The cabin is luxurious and comfortable, featuring zero-gravity seats and 8-point seat massage function. In addition, SERES 7  is equipped with tri-zone air-conditioning, seat ventilation and panoramic sunroof with electric sunshade. All for quick cooling to ensure a comfortable journey. As a family-friendly SUV, the SERES 7 has soft close doors and electric running boards, providing friendly support for your family especially for kids and the old. With in-car charging and V2L external discharging, it is convenient to travel around. In terms of safety, it has 8 airbags, and a safety cage body, ensuring the safety of the family.

Ammar Johmani, General Manager of Green Motors, expressed enthusiasm at the launch of the SERES 5 and 7 models.

“The launch of SERES 5 and 7 today is a testament to our commitment. We believe these models will not only grace the roads but also positively impact our customers’ lives. Together, we are steering towards a greener and more innovative future,” Johmani said.

Johmani further highlighted recent expansions, stating, “We have recently inaugurated a state-of-the-art showroom and service centre in Ras Al Khaimah. Additionally, we are set to open the latest SERES flagship showroom at a prestigious location on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.”

Johmani revealed the pricing details optimistically anticipating customer satisfaction: The SERES 5 starts at AED 189,000, the SERES 7 five-seater at AED 199,000, and the six-seater at AED 209,000. Each model includes a 4-year warranty or up to 100,000 km for the vehicle, along with an 8-year or 160,000 km warranty for the E-powertrain system.

Highlight of technology: Range-extender technology
As a leading new energy vehicle company in China, SERES excels in multiple fields such as e-powertrain, range extension technologies, electronic and electrical architectures and super e-Drive intelligent technology platforms.

SERES made a strategic choice to invest heavily in range-extender technology, and SERES have already achieved industry-leading results. SERES’ range-extender technology has 4 technical strengths:
● All-scenario coverage: we call it “Electric in the city, with fuel for long trips”. You can switch between electric and fuel solutions, no need to worry about finding a charging spot.
● Energy efficiency: we have achieved “double the performance, half the consumption”. Based on a 1.5T engine, we have reached the performance of a traditional 3.0T fuel vehicle, can accelerate to 100 km per hour within 5 seconds; And the thermal efficiency exceeds 41%.
● User experience: SERES range extender technology not only keeps the cabin quiet, but also offers smooth acceleration and quick response like pure electric cars; Additionally, with features like V2L external discharge, it helps users extend their daily lives.
● Intelligent control system: Our system can learn the user’s driving habits, charging options and road conditions, to optimize the energy consumption strategy; This will provide the best NVH performance and the best energy efficiency.

Advanced intelligent features as standard
All SERES models come standard with intelligent driving, automated parking, and active safety features. Typical applications like the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Centering Control (LCC), make it easier for drivers to handle heavy traffic, as well as on the highway. We also offer standard features like the Panoramic Around View Monitor (AVM), Transparent Chassis, and Automated Parking Assist. With AVW and transparent chassis, we offer a bird view during parking, all obstacles are clear to see. And the APA (Automated Parking Assist) can recognize different parking spaces, and provides you with an easier and more convenient parking experience.

Intelligent Manufacturing
The SERES Intelligent Manufacturing Plant is “China leading, world class”. It was built according to Industry 4.0 standards. With more than 5000 intelligent equipment, the plant can achieve 100% automation of critical processes. Along with an unparalleled global production efficiency that allows for a new vehicle to be rolled out every 30 seconds, and the world-leading 9000-ton die-casting technology the factory showcases its exceptional manufacturing capabilities in every aspect.

C.A.R.E philosophy
To meet the growing demands of premium consumers, SERES is upgrading the whole service system and approach by implementing the C.A.R.E philosophy, providing intelligent services to enhance the luxurious experience for users.

SERES Auto, a prominent technology-driven manufacturer at the forefront of the new energy vehicle market, is recognized among the top 500 enterprises in China and proudly listed on the A-share market. With over 20,000 employees, SERES Auto operations span the development, manufacturing, sales, and service of new energy vehicles, and traditional automobiles and their essential assemblies.

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