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Saudi International Exhibition for Disability and Rehabilitation Requirements Concludes with Great Turnout and Success

The Saudi International Exhibition for Disability and Rehabilitation Requirements successfully concluded its activities yesterday with a significant turnout of interested visitors. The exhibition spanned three days and provided a platform for attendees to learn about local and international experiences and services provided for persons with disabilities. Specialists were also present, exchanging knowledge and experiences to support and empower this group.

The exhibition highlighted the importance of various agencies and sectors in caring for persons with disabilities in their environmental and social settings. It provided an opportunity for attendees to meet with all local and international parties that manufacture or market requirements for persons with disabilities and to learn about the latest developments, research, systems, and tools that meet their different needs in various fields.

In addition to showcasing the latest devices and supplies for people with disabilities, the program of the Saudi International Exhibition for Requirements for Disability and Rehabilitation included awareness sessions on health and social care and workshops specialized in disability and rehabilitation. Innovations and inventions related to persons with disabilities were presented, and competitions, games, and activities for the disabled were organized.

The CEO of the “1st Arabia Tradeshows & Conferences”, Mr. Bilal Al-Barmawy, noted the success achieved by the exhibition with the participation of more than 80 exhibitors from over 20 countries representing specialized agencies and relevant sectors. He thanked all the sponsors, exhibitors, and visitors for their interaction and turnout, which resulted in a successful event this year.

Al-Barmawy stressed the importance of exhibitions as a great investment for organizers and participants, providing an opportunity to meet current and potential clients. He noted that exhibitions often achieve greater results than any form of marketing, and its role is not limited to promotion and sale. He emphasized that the “First Arab Exhibitions” will continue to serve the exhibitions and conferences sector by organizing specialized exhibitions and sharing their experiences and expertise for the success of the sector.

Due to the high demand for participation, the exhibition area will increase by fifty percent for the next year, and local and international competent authorities have already started reserving their spaces. The Saudi International Exhibition for Disability and Rehabilitation Requirements is a crucial event that promotes awareness and solutions for persons with disabilities, and its success will continue to inspire and impact this community positively.

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