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Speech by European Union Ambassador Christophe Farnaud during the first European Union pavilion at the Foodexsaudi Exhibition

Ladies and Gentlemen,distinguished guests, fellow ambassadors

On behalf of the European Union, it is a great honour to open the first ever EU Pavilion at a Saudi food trade show!
This Pavilion is here today with one main objective: to promote and showcase the high safety and quality of European food products on the Saudi market. Every food product, representing the diversity of European Union Member States’ traditions, has a story, and we are here to tell you these stories

Of course, European food products are anything but new to this trade show. Many European Member States and EU co-financed promotion programmes for EU food have been showcasing their

products at Foodex and across Saudi Arabia, I invite you to visit the amazing booths of our friends from Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain, just next door

The EU pavilion at Foodex is a continuation of a number of activities that the EU has organised in Saudi Arabia, as part of the recently completed “More Than Food” promotion campaign

European food culture is rich in tradition and diversity; it is known for its taste and quality. European ingredients can add value to traditional Saudi recipes. In fact, many European foods and beverages have become mainstream across the country in supermarkets, speciality shops, and restaurants

Not just because of that, the Gulf Cooperation Council region is one of the EU’s top partners in agricultural trade and a major destination for high-value products, such as halal meats, cheese, olive oil, chocolate, fruit and vegetables, cereals and food preparations

The GCC is our fifth most important trading partner for agri-food products and trade flows are dynamic: since 2009 the value of EU agri-food exports has more than doubled

EU Food Policies
According to the public opinion surveys conducted in Saudi Arabia on behalf of the European Commission, food was the top factor influencing the purchasing behaviour of between 63 and 72% of

the consumers. 88% of Saudi consumers agreed that European food was of good quality. More than 80% of the surveyed consumers agreed that EU food and beverage products were ‘tasty’, ‘healthy’ and ‘authentic’

As you know, EU food safety standards are based on sound science and are among the highest in the world. A unique and thorough traceability system, and comprehensive controls along the food chain are designed to protect human and animal health and to guarantee the integrity of our food products. It applies to products on the EU market as well as to products exported to the GCC

In terms of quality, one of our most important policies is the system of Geographical Indications -“GIs”. A GI is a certified sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. In order to function as a GI, a sign must identify a product as originating in a given place. GIs cover all food and drink sectors and you will find many of them at the various European food stands in this trade show

There is also a growing importance of organic food products across the GCC – a market segment where the EU boasts an ambition to increase our domestic land under organic cultivation to at least 25% by 2030

The EU is one of the major suppliers of agri-food products to the Gulf Cooperation Council region. The GCC countries provide dynamic, growing market. We count on the Gulf Cooperation

Council markets to remain open to European products, thus allowing our trade relations to develop and flourish

The EU on its part has done everything to be and remain a reliable trading partner for our domestic and international consumers, despite the challenges the global agri-food trade has faced since 2020

Ladies and gentlemen:
During the next four days, we will have the opportunity to present different ways of producing and preparing European food. Besides protecting our quality and safety standards, the EU has laid out its ambition for making its food system a model of sustainability at all stages of the food value chain

I am convinced this trade show will enrich the understanding of the merits of EU food products and intensify cooperation between Saudi and EU food companies

I hope that you all will have a great time at the EU Pavilion with cooking shows, workshops and informative discussions with my colleagues here at the booth

To close in the words of our logo: Enjoy – it is from Europe



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