The European Union Delegation to Saudi Arabia and the Museums Commission conclude a high-level training programme on Museum Management

Riyadh, 25 September 2023 – The European Union Delegation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with the Museums Commission, successfully concluded a series of training programmes related to various aspects of Museums Management on 21 September. This initiative aligns with the European Union’s increasing engagement with the Kingdom, particularly in the cultural domain.

Designed as a comprehensive program spanning three workshops, the training aimed to enhance the knowledge and expertise of Saudi museum professionals, students, and cultural enthusiasts within Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving cultural landscape.

H.E. Christophe Farnaud, Ambassador of the EU Delegation to Saudi Arabia, said:  “The European Union is renowned for its commitment to preserving Europe’s rich cultural heritage and fostering the arts and creative industries. We are honoured by the trust placed in us by the Ministry of Culture and the Museums Commission to contribute to the development of expertise in the Saudi museum sector”.

Dr. Taghreed Alsaraj, General Manager of Education and Talent Development at the Museums Commission, added, “We are very pleased with our collaboration with the EU in designing and delivering the Museums Management training program. We look forward to sustaining this collaboration”.

The journey began in February 2023 and concluded in September 2023, with the vision of further developing this fundamental  cultural sector, establishing sustainable museums, and maximising efficiency in achieving the overarching goals outlined in Saudi Vision 2030.

This transformative initiative signifies a commitment to advancing cultural preservation and nurturing future talents. Over the course of these workshops, more than 100 participants, including museum professionals, students, and a diverse range of interested individuals, enthusiastically engaged in immersive sessions led by renowned European experts in the field. They were also joined by experts from prestigious European museums, such as the Museo Egizio of Turin (Italy), New reserves of the Louvre Museum at Liévin (France), Prado Museum in Madrid (Spain), and the National Institute of Physics in Florence (Italy), among others.

The collaboration between the EU and the Museums Commission not only exceeded expectations but also laid a strong foundation for future cooperation. Together, they successfully shared extensive expertise and know-how, addressing the specific needs of participants.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to take bold steps in embracing its rich cultural heritage, initiatives like these workshops play a pivotal role in nurturing the talents and passions of professionals and individuals committed to preserving art and culture for generations to come.

The Museums Commission and the EU Delegation to Saudi Arabia remain committed to expanding their collaboration and making lasting contributions to the enhancement of Saudi Arabia’s art and cultural heritage. This collaboration is also aligned with the EU’s Strategic Partnership with the Gulf, aimed at strengthening EU cooperation with the GCC and its Member countries.

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