EWINGS and SmartLife equip blue-collar workers with English language skills

Dubai, UAE

17 February 2022: EWINGS, Managing Operator of the weekly live ‘Mahzooz’ draw, and Dubai-based NGO ‘SmartLife’, today, celebrated the graduation of a group of blue-collar workers from the SmartReading English language programme which aims to enhance their English communication skills and instil confidence in them to pursue better career opportunities. The graduation ceremony was held online in keeping with Covid-19 precautions.

The SmartReading programme, sponsored by EWINGS, enabled the graduating students to study the basics of the English language through a four-month online programme. Classes saw students develop the confidence to speak in English, understand instructions given to them in English at their workplaces, and hold effective conversations in simple English.

Farid Samji, the CEO of EWINGS addressed the students at the graduation ceremony. He said:

“We are proud to have been able to help ‘SmartLife’ conduct this promising programme that helps hard-working men and women achieve their goals and dreams and move up the career ladder. That’s what we’re about – helping people realise their dreams. And I commend the workers for investing their time and efforts in creating a brighter future for themselves and their families.”

In addition to sponsoring the programme, EWINGS also dedicated some of its employees as volunteers to teach the students English. “We are pleased to have EWINGS’ support with a project as impactful as SmartReading; while one’s native language is of paramount importance, it is important that our blue-collar friends are comfortable understanding and speaking English,” said Manjula Ramakrishnan, President of ‘SmartLife’.

This recent module of the SmartReading programme was sponsored by EWINGS, on behalf of the weekly live ‘Mahzooz’ draw, as part of their ongoing contribution agreement with ‘SmartLife’.

In 2021, both parties collaborated to prepare and distribute 2,000 backpacks filled with essentials to blue-collar workers during Ramadan.


EWINGS LLC, the managing operator of Mahzooz, is a technology and operations management company headquartered in the UAE. EWINGS delivers tailor-made services, spanning strategy, technology infrastructure, operations, and management with a special focus on the entertainment industry.

About Mahzooz:

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