Modernize Your Home with Miniforms’ Soda Collection by Western Furniture

Dubai, UAE

Western Furniture is pleased to present Soda, the Miniforms coffee table. With multiple design awards to its name, the Miniforms Soda coffee table in hand-blown glass was designed by Yiannis Ghikas for Italian brand Miniforms.

Soda is born upside down, with a puff. It is a single volume of blown glass, where three petals act as a stem and raise the table top. It’s tough, hammered surface fragments its transparency to display its artisan aesthetic. Art meets industrial design.

Following on from Soda’s success, Miniforms have added more colours such as blue and amethyst which join amber and petrol green. All colours are available in two sizes.

With its unique blend of art and industrial design, Soda is a great example of how the combination of Italian craftsmanship and modern design can create something truly remarkable.

For more information and details, Email: | or call: Umm Hurair Road: T. 04 337 7152.

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