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 “My pet in my life” A competition for animal welfare within the activities of the Saudi Pet & Vet Expo

 A few weeks later, the Saudi Pet & Vet Expo www.petvet-expo.com will launch in its second edition from 13 to 15 November 2023 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center in Riyadh, after the overwhelming success achieved in the first edition of the exhibition last year. The exhibition received a great turnout in the number of exhibitors and specialized local and international sponsors, as well as the impressive turnout in the number of visitors, whose number exceeded to 10 thousand visitors in the first launch of the exhibition in 2022, which reflects the interest of a large group of society in the acquisition, breeding and care of pets and the positive changes that occurred in Society in the concept of acquiring and caring for these animals and keenness to know the progress that this industry has reached in the field of food, medical care and grooming for these animals, which indicates the impact of these animals on these people in changing their lifestyle for the better.

Therefore, the exhibition management decided to launch the “My Pet in My Life” competition:


To be one of several activities has been made by the exhibition this year, the competition aims to know the positive changes that occur in life of those who own a pet in their home and care for it with the utmost compassion and kindness, and the impact of the presence of that animal in this person’s life, in order to increase awareness of the positive role played by this bond that arises between a pet and its owner and enhances the idea of that bond in developing emotional and human competencies in children and adults, as the winners of the three best stories and experiences will be chosen to tell their story in front of the exhibition visitors and the organizing committee during the exhibition days.

The competition is sponsored by “Royal Canin” Company, the leading company for 50 years of healthy nutrition for pets. The sponsoring company will provide the first winner with free food for their pets for a full year, and the “ALEFAK” Cooperative Foundation will also provide 15 Alefak cooperative card, which provide discounts on veterinary clinics and animal stores in the cities of the Kingdom For a whole year.

The first winner will receive an amount of 3000 riyals, the second winner will receive an amount of 2000 riyals, and the third winner will receive an amount of 1000 riyals provided by “City Events”, the organizer company of the exhibition.

It worth saying that the competition is intended for all individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, starting from the age of 12 years and over.

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