OMODA Hits 85,000 Sales This Year! The Ultimate SUV Attracts Global Gen Z

In the global crossover SUV market, OMODA is like a dark horse that has quickly captured the hearts of a large number of users. OMODA’s innovative and trendy design language is undeniably key to its success, but its futuristic, immersive driving experience has unlocked a trendy mode of transport for the new generation of young people around the world. OMODA recently released its latest monthly overall export sales figures. The data shows that OMODA’s export sales in July were 15,735 units, an increase of 10.73% month-on-month, with cumulative exports from January to July totaling 86,556 units.

Entering 14 Global Markets, Leading the Trend of Ultra-Cool SUVs

As a global automobile brand, OMODA engages deeply with the new generation of young people through its cool appearance, adrenaline-pumping driving pleasure, five-star global safety, and fully equipped intelligent technology experience, offering a richer, limitless cool lifestyle.

On July 16th, the Italian prototype car arrived at the port, and on July 31st, the second batch arrived in Spain. OMODA’s globalization process is also steadily advancing, and it has been launched in 14 markets worldwide.

OMODA always pursues the idea of having fun with global users. At the beginning of July, on Australia’s Gold Coast, OMODA 5 set off with global marathon runners. Its avant-garde sports style, combined with the sun, sand, and runners, was the best interpretation of a cool life. At the end of July, OMODA 5 shone in Turkey, where future lights and shadows intertwined with Turkey’s signature dishes and music, spending a wonderful weekend with trendy young car owners. With the collision of avant-garde aesthetics and classic fashion, OMODA continues to lead the global trend of crossover SUVs with outstanding coolness.

OMODA 5 Wins Favor with Global Gen Z

In OMODA’s rapid globalization, the OMODA 5 is an undeniable pioneer. OMODA 5 has a deep understanding of global youth’s aesthetic trends, and its design focuses on creating a CROSSOVER-style SUV. It creatively proposes the design concept of “Art in motion,” with a diamond-cut geometric matrix grille, a dynamic and powerful waistline, 18-inch two-tone blade wheels, a fastback SUV design, and other futuristic features. It offers advanced design for young users, forging a super high-tech look that breaks the order of the real world, foreseeing the future, and presenting the future technology to the assertive Generation Z.

Coming up, OMODA will also bring more surprises to global users. Continuing OMODA 5’s classic performance and integrating cutting-edge intelligent technology, the new energy vehicle OMODA 5 EV is expected to be launched globally in the fourth quarter of this year, with a new wave of electric excitement about to be released. 


With deep insight into and reflection on youth, individuality, and globalization, OMODA is committed to embracing global pioneers and creating a new brand for the attitude-rich new generation that looks to the future.

OMODA has a deep understanding of the global young generation’s life and, with a “CROSS” identity, fully communicates with the new generation, breaking the order of the real world, and bringing forward design and future technology fashionable cars to Generation Z young users.

In OMODA’s name, “O” represents a tone of surprise and vitality and is also a symbol of the life element Oxygen. “MODA” is taken from “Modern,” implying fashionable trends, representing the new generation of sustainable lifestyles, embodying ecological green and fashion avant-garde.

Adhering to the brand’s global thinking, OMODA has innovatively created the “O-universe” ecosystem concept, a unique way of communication between the brand and users, and OMODA’s exclusive social symbol. It aims to establish warmer connections with global users, accommodate more diverse cultures, and co-create a desirable cool lifestyle with users!

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Twitter: omodaksa

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