Better World Fund Collaborates with France Pavilion in Support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Dubai, UAE

March Events Series to Mark Oceans Fortnight at Expo 2020

Better World Fund in partnership with ENGIE will collaborate with the Embassy of France in the United Arab Emirates and the French Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai for a series of special events during the month of March in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Oceans Fortnight.

On 25 and 26 March, there will be a two-day event focusing on the protection of life under the sea, oceans, and the blue economy, uniting filmmakers, writers, scientists, environmentalists, and project leaders to explore and make tangible efforts to address environment, biodiversity and climate challenges.

Bringing together global experts from the field, the events will include school programs, innovation conferences, networking events and a prestigious Gala Dinner featuring an exceptional artistic program and Award Ceremony. The Gala Dinner will be hosted in collaboration with the Middle East Fashion Council, the world’s first fashion council to embed sustainability as one of its core values.

A ‘Mastermind’ program and a Better World Academia created together with the Paris Saclay University, partners for the event, sees the collaboration of some of the world’s greatest minds from the worlds of academia and innovation who are making the world a better place. At the World’s Greatest Show, Expo 2020 Dubai, the Mastermind events will invite discussion and analysis on the global crisis facing the world’s oceans and the opportunities presented by the blue economy and sustainable energies.

At the event’s star-studded Gala Dinner, a 4-minute film screening will be shown from the ENGIE Group; a powerful short documentary on the importance of technologies such as drones and AI mapping in conservation efforts such as rehabilitating mangroves damaged by desalination plants.

On March 26, a screening of the film, Bigger Than Us, with its inspiring story about young people who are fighting plastic pollution, for freedom of expression, refugee reception, and women’s rights, will also be held. The production from Director Flore Vasseur and producer Marion Cotillard will be followed by a Q&A session.

An Awards Ceremony will honor film directors, champions and leaders for their actions and commitment to address the most pressing humanitarian and sustainability issues of our time with a special focus on the protection of the environment, oceans and biodiversity.

The event is the latest in a series of high-profile events Better World Fund has organised internationally which have raised awareness of several of the issues within the UN’s SDGs, in line with the Better World Fund’s mission for change.

In December 2021 at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Better World Fund held an event to raise awareness about the challenges facing people with disabilities and in July 2021, during the Cannes Film Festival, ran an event focused on Ethical Gold supporting the United Nations and the Global Environment Facility’s planet GOLD program.

Manuel Collas De La Roche, President and Founder of The Better World Endowment Fund, said: “From images to action, the Better World Endowment Fund aspires to be more than a single event. We stand as a movement shedding light upon concrete actions that impact people all over the world. We work to bring focus on the main humanitarian issues of our time.”

“Through our cultural commitment, especially cinematographic, and our support for impact projects, our objective is to educate and take action to reduce inequalities, improve the well-being of all, and protect our planet and our ecosystems.”

The Better World Endowment Fund aims to be the voice and images of tomorrow’s world through a series of films and documentaries from different countries to defend, promote and support all those actors and leaders committed to the future.

“We believe in the power of the international film industry as a force for global change, spreading messages and inspiring meaningful action,” added Mr Collas De La Roche.

Geraldine Dunoyer, International Director of Better World Fund, added: “Dubai is the perfect place to host this event. With its huge focus on sustainability at the Expo, it gives us the best international platform to share these important messages to a wider audience. This is where we feel we can create massive impact. With travel restrictions limiting access to many countries, Dubai’s openness has allowed the world to come together at these crucial times to ensure our persistent campaigning can continue.”

After Dubai in March 2022, the Better World Fund will feature events in Cannes in May, Venice in September, Sharm El Sheikh during the COP 27 in November, and Saudi Arabia at the end of 2022. The focus of this year is the protection of our planet, with different themes being tackled at all events.

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